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Cosmo: Just the Right Amount of Everyone Else

By JohnH on Thursday, 13th December 2012 12:03pm
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Walking through Aria the other night, I was amazed at the sheer magnitude of how much that property had changed course over the last two months. New, mind-bending carpet. Pottery Barn-fancy--if somewhat uncomfortable--upholstery of the casino seating. New trippy-to-the-point-that-I-just-consumed-MDMA wall covering throughout the casino. They're truly and literally renovating everything over there.

Well, as luck would have it, I walked through the Cosmopolitan that very night and found that they, too, are changing a few things.

Cosmopolitan TV Sets

See, at opening, the resort eschewed the Strip standard of playing ESPN or, in this case, TNT's nightly second hour "Law and Order" rerun on the various televisions posted throughout the casino's various pits. Instead, we were shown ambience-building collections of curated digital art. It was public art with ironic purpose in the same vein as the lobby columns, the Obama poster guy installation in the parking garage, and those fucking heels. And now it's gone.

I guess Jerry Orbach gets more asses to sit at a $50 minimum blackjack table on a Sunday night in mid-December than a steampunk-meets-Mendel presentation of flora and fauna. I mean, it works everywhere else on the Strip, doesn't it? If it works at New York New York, it should work at Cosmo. If it works at Tropicana, it'll work at Cosmo. This is life.

Still not as bad as them welching on that AIDS bet, though.

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Comments & Discussion:

This was due to direct complaint to management by patrons and dealers who wanted them on sports channels rather than the curated art. People got annoyed they couldn't watch the games on the monitors which were playing curated content that no one save those interested in art cared about. I for one miss the ambiance, and can do with less Jerry Orbach.

I loved the black and white trees and landscapes that moved ever so slightly. I thought it really added to the look.

Just looking at Jerry Orbach makes you want to gamble-it's a proven fact.

Jerry Orbach wouldn't settle for 6:5 payouts on $25+ double deck, and neither do I. Not spending any money gambling here until that is fixed (under new ownership maybe?)

Will continue to frequent the restaurant level, however, nothing but deliciousness all around there.

i think as long as the food options are great cosmo will survive.

=( That is all.

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