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The Gordon Ramsay Steak Invitation

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 12th December 2012 10:17am
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Last night, I received an email from Paris Las Vegas which contained an invitation to an event at Gordon Ramsay Steak. Nitpicking about the impossible to read grainy font over the grainy background aside, I kinda got all excited about this.... an invitation to come to dinner where Ramsay will glad hand guests and perhaps insult my haircut, wardrobe or sense of humor? Maybe he'll yell at me. Maybe something will come from the kitchen all fucked up and I'll get to see him go on a rampage! Eventually, Pete Townshend stopped smashing Rickenbackers and Hiwatts, fortunately Gordon hasn't reached that stage yet.

Wow... an invitation! I thought... "did I blow that much money on my last trips to Caesars joints to warrant this?" then thought "is this perhaps related to VT and is sent from PR?" Excitement filled my body.... an invitation! This sounds kinda exclusive... one night, Gordon Ramsay yelling, great food, the gorgeous server in that skin tight dress? AN INVITATION EMAIL!

And then I read the whole thing... squinting my way to the kludgy typography (to be fair, I'm overdue for new reading glasses) until I finally realized that this invitation wasn't because I was somehow deemed special in the eyes of Paris Las Vegas or Gordon Ramsay, but a sales pitch to buy tickets to a fund raiser.

Gordon Ramsay

Ok, I guess it's cool... I've been electronically selected along with a copula other hundreds of thousands of people to receive this offer. But it is also kinda lame... an invitation is an invitation, not a sales pitch.

That being said... $200 bucks for a dinner with Gordon Ramsay personally checking the temperature of your beef wellington for a good cause is a bargain compared to what music superstars charge for cattle call meet 'n greets in a jock-smelly bunker hidden beneath a basketball court.

"Gordon, will you sign my sticky toffee pud?"

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Can I be the plus one?

Nice picture of Gordon, have we ever seen him and Dennis the Menace in the same place at the same time?

Hope he will autograph my Spotted Dick.

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