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A Drive Down The Strip 1988

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 11th December 2012 3:47pm
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A virtual video trip down Las Vegas memory lane on January 11, 1988. Starting at the Landmark then north past The Hilton, west on Sahara then south on The Strip all the way to the Hacienda when he turns around and goes back north... a 25 minute drive with edits at the traffic lights.


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That turn signal sounds like a grandfather clock.

I was hoping that they showed a shot of the Mirage under construction since the vid was taken in '88 and the Mirage opened in '89. Awesome video though....also .78 cents per gallonnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot can happen in 25 years. Incredible.

That was awesome. I seriously think Vegas would be my first stop if Doc Brown ever offers me a ride in his DeLorean.

The headliners & shows on the Strip -- Gallagher! Redd Foxx! Beatle Magic!

Amazing, especially all the small motels, restaurants, bars, and casinos. So many different and unique places on the Strip, compared to the conformity today. Just great.

Wow is right. I drove that route many times through the 80s. It's amazing to see all the empty land up and down the Strip. When the car was heading south, right before Caesars, the narrator (who sounded like a bored bus conductor) said, "New casino going up." The Mirage, but it was still empty desert land. Then, heading north, there was a billboard of a very young looking Siegfried & Roy. I remember the gas station on the Strip between Flamingo and Tropicana which advertised aspirin before one left Vegas.

All hail Slots-A-Fun. Resorts come and go yet they live on and survive even though they are on the crappy end of the strip.

Pretty Cool! Nice prices on the signs, and no pedestrian bridges. If only the sun was cooperating.

Really cool! My observations:

79 cent gas.

Circus Circus (& lion) - same.

Stardust (sad).

Girls 2 room mag machines –same.

The slipper – awesome.

What is the sign just past the Frontier? Looks like a mini version of Wynn’s!

Love the old Caesar’s entrance. Not crowded and convoluted like today.

Denny's has had a Strip presence for a long time.

The Peppermill - probably just as delicious back then.


Fuck me. I thought my life expanded from then. Nope.

I wanna buy gas there.

Foxy's Firehouse Casino! Wow. That later became the Holy Cow Casino/Brewery...cool place...kinda learned to like beer there. I believe that building was just torn down earlier this year. Wasn't it at one point gonna be some sorta Ivana Trump Hotel project?

Got curious...answered my own questions.



I thought what was fascinating, is all the small motels on the south end of the strip. Never realized there were that many.

Looked like there was a gas station every 2 minutes. Rich Little was the headliner at one of the hotels in the video and he is off strip at the Orleans right now I think.

This guy also has uploaded a drive down Fremont and some random Stardust/Circus Circus/Riviera footage:




I don't care who you are, that "new casino goin up" line was hilarious.

The strip of then looked like downtown of now or at least the area between strat and downtown with all the people walking. The magnitude (size, age, old architecture) of the buildings on the strip then also reminded me of the downtown of now. What downtown offers now could be in line or even surpass what the strip had to offer then.

I thought the gas by Frontier said .73 9/10. Great video of just before I started going in the early 90's. S&R ad was for the Frontier! I really think a water park would still do well on the north end of the strip. They could use the steel from Echelon to pay for it!

This was great! Love Vegas history. After he drives by the Hilton and then makes his left, he gets to the dirt lot at the north end of the strip that is across from the Sahara. Wondered what that was, and looked it up. That dirt lot is where the original El Rancho Vegas was built in 1941, and was the 1st resort on the strip. It burned down in 1960, and 52 years later it is still a dirt lot. Why nothing has ever been built there since is amazing.

Towards the end of the video, there is a glimpse of the old Landmark Hotel way off to the right, where scenes for 007 Diamonds are Forever was filmed.

Drive into downtown Vegas today from the east, and there is still a flood of small hotel motel places with old fashioned signs all up and down the highway. It’s like going into a time warp.

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