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The Many Faces of Criss Angel

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 10th December 2012 3:49pm
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Lance Burton, legendary master magician, is known for keeping his face smooth and his hair jet black well into his... 60s????. During his last stand at Monte Carlo, he ditched his tuxedo schtick and started dressing like Criss Angel, even penciling in some eyeshadow and fake bags under his eyes. Transitioning from the concept of magician as smiling performer of card tricks and vanishing doves to smoldering holder of dark secrets. Woooooooo creeeeeeeepy.

Criss Angel, the teen cream poster boy for smoldering holder of dark secrets, is also know for his many personae... constantly shifting on the outside edges of the times in thoroughly predictable manner.

We've seen the "Paul Stanley Lookalike" Criss, The "Outlaw Biker Criss", the "Hair Metal Survivor" Criss and the "Heroin Chic with a Rachel" Criss and now..... drum roll please.....

Criss Angel

The Harry Potter Hipster Criss Angel v 5.0, seen here mugging it up via Instagram with Nickelodeon teen star, 20 year old Jennette McCurdy. Now you know Criss Angel's target demographic, and the reason why he ditched the Nikki Sixx schtick for the Hogwarts on the green routine.

Relevance requires effort and a stylist.


Comments & Discussion:

But they all have one thing in common, they can't stop him from looking like a complete douchebag. This new look makes it appear like he spends his time in his parent's basement playing Magic The Gathering.....

If he were to rock the outlaw biker, or what i might have called The Terrorist, i will no longer hate him, and will revert to the much more pleasant 'not caring at all'.

Too funny. Looks like the new Q in Skyfall.

I hope he stuck his finger in her mouth.

Preppy dbag is not a good look.

Wow......................that's awful.


not for nothing but that guy is 45...he looks like he's 25.

and ever notice that all the d-bags are always 'pointing' at someone/something in their photos...thats like the male equivalent of the duckface.

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