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Sayonara Two Way Hard Three

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 10th December 2012 3:59pm
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Our dear pal Admiral Hillegas announced late last week that he is mothballing the warship Two Way Hard Three, the blog at RateVegas.com.

Two Way Hard Three was an instant smash. It focused on persnickety details of casino design from tectonic real estate deals, dirt pile site plans and foundation pours to skyward steel, curtain glass, parking garages the detailed finishes and offerings contained therein. The discussion roared, echoes of which will reverberate forever.

The point wasn't to provide a daily turdplosion of PR approved nonsense but instead a platform for serious discourse to thoroughly explore the philosophy, aesthetics, and the true meaning of these palaces of grandeur, their function and design hopes and business dreams upon which they float.

With each new detail - a stolen photo, a detail buried deep within a Norm!, every quarterly report and investor call, every episode of the Terry Lanni, Sheldon Adelson or Steve Wynn shows - we chewed on every morsel, twisted and turned them in every direction until battle lines formed and weapons drawn until The Admiral stepped in to soothe tempers and get the discussion back on track.

With the rise of social media and mobile devices putting a camera and a microblog in everybody's pocket, the lust for constant information has been co-opted to personal streams. Where once a photo and a quip could fuel a week's worth of blog discussion, it has now been reduced to an easily digested crumb in a never ending stream of crumbs. None of us knew that this chicletization of information would come at the price of discourse. Now, yesterday's photo is last years news.

And then along came Jeff Simpson.

Recently let go by the Las Vegas Sun, Hunter asked Jeff to join the staff of Two Way Hard Three. Simpson On Las Vegas started in June 2010. Jeff provided bi-weekly articles of crushing importance... twisting the brains of all of us and fueling a resurgence of Two Way Hard Three in tandem with the contributions of gaming history icon Dr. Dave Schwartz. With a team of heavy hitters like Hunter, Jeff and Dr. Dave... how could they not win "Best Blog" Trippies award?

And then The Jeff passed away.

Words can hardly describe how important he was to our community. He was a rhinoceros. A friendly one. Always at the ready to lend a horn when buildings or public figures needed to be razed. He was an elephant. A brilliant one. Always at the ready to access an astonishing array of facts, figures and details that would pave the way and carry your weight.

Jeff's loss took the air out of Vegas for a lot of us. I've spent the last year trying to make sense of it. His loss shook my relationship with Las Vegas to its core, wondering whether or not I even cared any more. Seeing Steve Wynn go bonkers didn't help either.

I've had a number of discussions with Hunter over the last year or so where we pondered the recent past, the present and our futures. This time last year, I was on the verge of canceling the Trippies and had drafted a resignation email to the Vegas Gang, resignation emails to VT staffers a wrote my very own "Seven Out" post for VT.

Knowing that the time is right to step aside and hang up your spikes is difficult to know. I applaud Hunter for making the difficult decision to cease production on Two Way Hard Three. He has created an amazing body of work by curating discussion and a community, one that will live on here in spirit if not in personnel... at least until the day comes when I have the guts "Seven Out."

Dear Admiral Hillegas, you have been and always will be my friend. \\//_

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Comments & Discussion:

I am really going to miss Two Way Hard Three

Beautifully written, Chuck. Beautiful.

Very well said. We should compare unused "Seven Out" posts. I have one of those too.

Well put, and glad to see you found renewed interest in keeping VT going, although I can imagine the challenges and grief it brings.

Such a nice tribute. Thank you. I'm gonna miss it too.

That said, over the past few days I've become even more convinced it was the right call. I've had an outpouring of contact and good vibes since this announcement but 90% or more has been via Twitter. When it comes to TWHT, that's where a lot of that conversation moved.

Anyway, I can't say how much I appreciate all of the kind words from everyone over the past few days.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Agree with JeffinOKC. Beautiful. This article made me realize how attached I've become to VT and TWHT (even though I'm not the most avid commenter, I check and read this site religiously). It's really been a privilege having these truly wonderful sites.

It's sad seeing TWHT go, but I understand and agree with the decision. Again, thanks Hunter for everything you've done with the blog and RateVegas, and thanks Chuck for what you continue to do with VT. VT really has changed Vegas forever for me.

Sorry for being so cliched and sentimental, but this article aroused quite a bit of emotion.

Thanks for TWHT ride, Hunter! I read about any worthwhile Vegas site the internet has to offer and frequent a couple of messageboards. I love all things vegas-related, but over the past few years VT and TWHT have become my go-to favorites. The lively discussions about the most minute details always made me smile at the fact there are people just as crazy about Vegas as me.

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