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And The 2013 Trippies Nominees Are...

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 4th December 2012 10:53am
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Trippies 2013

Ladies and gentlegerms, I'm super incredibly excited to announce the Official Nominees for the 2013 Trippies. "Trippies?" You say? Why yes... Trippies. The Trippies are our annual readers poll awards wherein we ask you the greater VT community to tell the world what you think is the best (and worst) stuff in Las Vegas.

Every year for a month or so, we gather up nominations from y'all which are then counted, sorted and tallied into a list of five or so nominees for sixty odd categories which are then pitted in head to head combat via democracy.

Voting for the 2013 Trippies is open NOW and will continue until December 11th at 11:11pm Vegas time, whereupon the gates of time will close and history will be frozen forever.

This is the EIGHTH YEAR we've been taking the temperature of Vegas trippers and we will be returning to the full, ginormous edition with live webcast, chit chat and all the fixin's after all the votes are tallied in early 2013. It is most definitely quite interesting thumbing through all the previous years seeing new properties come on the scene, old faves fade away and how tastes and offerings change over the years.

So for those wishing to spend some time at work, on the throne, by the fireside or by the pool sorting out your final votes we've put together a handy dandy printable voter guide for your rumple and fetishment.

And finally, we wish a hearty congratulations to all who have been nominated this year... just to be singled out for your excellence is nothing short of a miracle. Show your Trippies pride by placing an Official Nominee badge on your website, blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and or Facebook joint (did I forget anything?). Good luck!

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Comments & Discussion:

I thought this already opened weeks ago?

that was the nomination phase. this is the final voting!

Wow, im surprised that the Bellagio still makes the cut for best overall joint.

You set the deadline time at 11:11 just for me, right? I'm touched.

Why shouldn't Bellagio still be up for best joint? They still have a primo restaurant lineup, great gambling vibe, a great poker room, an elaborate Cirque show that still sells out on busy weekends, a great sportsbook, the Conservatory, one of the few remaining 24-hour cafes on the strip, the fountains, Hyde, rooms that have recently been updated with offerings that are at least as good as most of its far younger neighbors to the south.... so...

I'm very surprised that Caesars is not up for the Jeff Simpson Award this year. With the smooth addition of the Octavius Tower and the upgrade in service standards brought by a single person, Ramesh Sadhwani, I'd have thought it'd at least have been nominated. Bummer.

A nomination for worst meat went to "Brand Steakhouse - Mirage". Is this supposed to be Brand at Monte Carlo or Stack at Mirage?

Chuck, you missed it. Should have closed voting at 12:12 on 12/12/12. Now that would have been something!

Stayed at Caesars during VIMFP. Worst sense of value of my 30+ times visiting Las Vegas.

How come Obama is not on the ballot?

Do you guys do your counting in Florida?

the counting is done in chicago so that even the dead have a say

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