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Luxor Renovates Incomplete Renovation

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 29th November 2012 1:27pm
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Shortly before the economic defecation hit the rotary oscillator, Luxor engaged in an anti-heiroglyph campaign determined to snuff out every last vestige of Egyptology from the Egyptian themed resort and replace it with "Airport Moderne". We were not impressed.

As we all know, they didn't finish the job and sections of the resort have been in various states of plywood covering for the last six years. Liquidity bar was renovated in April, Cat House closed a month ago, the website has been redone.

Now a we've learned that they are in process or replacing the carpeting at Luxor as well. To the left, the old, the right, the new.

A meta renovation of the unfinished renovation. Perhaps the rooms are next!

Big thanks to Adam for the Tweet tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

*sob* might be the only one but I miss the days of the themed resort as cheesy as it was. Todays designs inside and out might be elegant, trendy even cool but back then it was great!

I could not agree more. The old themes from the 90's were what gave todays strip its character. Even the more subdued themeing of Bellagio or Palazzo is better then having a strip full of Aria's and Wynncore's.

bring back the damn animatronic camels!

I came of age (Vegas age anyways) during the theme era. I think it is a shame to lose the themes.

My very first trip to Las Vegas was in 96, and I stayed at Luxor. I was drawn to the City because of the Themes. I live 10 minutes from Atlantic City, I can gamble and have dinner there. I went to Las vegas for the amazing, and yes, cheesy, themes. Aria is nice, but I would still rather spend my time walking around Excalibur or Luxor.

They can move to light theming but why remove theme objects? Are the tourists not interested? The best part of Bellagio is their conservatory where they have objects to look at.

I didn't snap as hot of the cracked paint ceiling in my 'resort' room, but I will try and send over my 'wired Internet access' pic, no standard setup, they had a 30ft cat 5 cable sitting next to TV you could plug into.

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