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Aria Gets New Carpet!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 26th November 2012 12:17pm
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Tis the season to make renovations, fa la la la laaaa la la la laaaa. And the first item up for bid....Aria has replaced their opening carpet with a totally new design.

Intrepid VT staffer Blackjacker1979 is there as they're installing....

ARIA new carpet

Wow. Freaky. Bloblular. Like the delicate ballet of sperm and egg. Or arching ropes of horsey sauce on an Arby's roast beef sandwich. Trippy even. Thumbs up.

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Comments & Discussion:

Well, it certainly conforms with tenet #1 of casino carpet design: Appear stained even when clean.

I don't get it. There's no color.

@detroit That's true of the entirety of Aria. It's Fifty Shades of Brown.

I actually like it. Quite surprising.

It is a little on the beige and...ejaculatory side. Not sure if that's what they were going for though.

anybody have photos of Venetian's new carpet? There were a couple small squares of it down the last time I was there... it looked like it was going to be horrible, but maybe its one of those things that looked better on a grander scale, once fully installed.

Looks like a disco in a UPS truck. Fail.

Hard to judge seeing a large chunk of carpet. Can't really say I like or hate it till the machines and tables are in place and how it co-ordinates with all of that

remind me to get high the next time i visit aria.

Time to worm the horses. Thanks for the reminder.

I like it from the pictures, just a guess, but I'm guessing that it gives a better feel to those areas as it lightens it up some

Any pics of the old carpet for reference?

I had somehow forgotten that the old carpet was a Trippies winner!


Being an Aria fanboy I am hardly unbiased, but the old carpet was rather bland. This one is much more eye-catching and the gold-brown-silver color scheme keeps things in line with the overall look of the casino as it currently is.

That said, given how the new carpet is a lot lighter than the old one, perhaps they could turn down the lights a little now? Because honestly, I LIKE my dark-and-moody Aria!

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