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The Steve Sells The Other Picasso

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 9th November 2012 10:13am
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Wynn Picassos

Wynn fetishists proudly recall the glorious first few months after the property opened when both Le Reve and Still Life With Tulips were hung in the main hotel lobby above each registration desk.

I spent an hour staring at both as employees stared at me wondering if I was casing the joint out. One lobby host asked me if I needed help and I told her "I'm enjoying the Picassos." She looked at what I was looking at, shrugged her shoulders and went to go help another guest.

Well, now the dynamic duo of Wynn Picassos (to which a third was added a few years ago) has been broken up. Steve Wynn sold Still Life With Tulips at auction yesterday to an anonymous bidder for $41.5m.

Call me sentimental, call me a Picasso lover, call me anything you will but I stand by the opinion that those two Picasso paintings really held the resort together.

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Yet another way Uncle Steve is letting what was my favorite resort become just, well, meh. I remember checking into Encore the week it opened, and yearning to use the Wynn checkin area because Encore didn't have that initial "you have arrived" pop that was capped by actual Picasso paintings welcoming you. And now I have that unexcited, uninspired feeling about the whole place - and this only adds to the earlier expressed meh.

"Still Life" lacked nip-slip.

I just hope they've kept Steve's elbows away from this painting.....

>""Still Life" lacked nip-slip."

And erect phallus.

...and a tongue giving it a little licky licky.

Why does La Reve have a penis growing from her face? Picasso was into some freaky shit!!

I think he was teabagging her.....

So now he has rhe cas to complete the renovation of Alex into KlymaXXX

*the cash*

I'm assuming the Picassos will be replaced with LED walls running a loop of Sweedish House Mafia and Manufactured Superstars.

I am glad people can interpret these paintings because I sure as hell can not.

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