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Circus Circus Takes The Cake

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 7th November 2012 2:10pm
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Today is my birthday. (toot). I've survived a frightening 43 trips around the sun. Considering what I've done to my body as a 25 year perpetrator of the victimless crime of rock n roll, a 30 year devotee to recreational chemistry, a certified life-long pervert and dedicated pizza aficionado, I don't feel old.

I'm not here to solicit comments and well wishes on behalf of myself. Or even gifts - the stinging pain of Adelson, Wynn and Trump at the results of yesterdays election is gift enough for me. Instead I'm here to show off my birthday cards.

For every casino club that I'm a member of - at least three dozen - I've only gotten one single solitary birthday ecard - Total Rewards.

Total Rewards Birthday Card

No discount, no incentive... just well wishes. Starbucks and Sears sent me free drink and 10% discount on power tools coupons respectively.

I've put a lot of money into slot machines at Wynn. Those of you who know me know I do this and many of you even know exactly where my favorite machines are. You'd think that a small birthday note from Marilyn Spiegel might arrive by email, or perhaps an aromatic packet of "Asian Rain" might fill my mailbox with its fruity bouquet.

MGM? Nothing. They send me three hard sell emails a day but can't be bothered to give me a little personal touch, even if it is automated.

Cosmopolitan... this is a real lost opportunity. Why not commission their artists in residence to design birthday cards for each month or two? They'd become collectible. A rare 45.

I did get one birthday greeting that most definitely took the cake. It was personally hand crafted and sent to me by Circus Circus' Twitter account. Check this shit out.

The old Circus Circus birthday card, personally customized and sent directly to a very special someone, in this case me.

I'm tickled.

This is what social media is all about. Beyond the birthday nonsense, if you aren't following @circusvegas on Twitter, with their goofy fun mix of vintage Vegas photos, genuine interaction and the occasional deal offer, you are missing out.

Thank you Blinko!

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Comments & Discussion:

Looks like Circus² just made a last minute election surge in the Trippies nominations for Best Social Media!

I received a birthday offer from Aria, just 10% or 15% off sky suites:


And a very cool photo from Circus Circus!

Go Valenties Day conception babies.

Happy Birthday Chuck!.....oh to be 43 again!

This should be required reading for all casinos. CZR's Total Rewards gets it; a classy greeting. If my memory's not too foggy about when I turned 43, I think I got Birthday Cards from every property I frequented in Vegas. Not so much any more.

You never cease to amaze me you freeking do. Oh and Hauoli La Hanau you young mother freekin pup!

happy birthday chuck.

Happy slightly belated birthday! Does the CC one count for MGM?

Happy Birthday Sir!! And may I say, you don't look a day over, oh let's say, 41!! I am currently trying to figger out photoshop to send you a proper birthday card from my bar....oh wait, I can't figger out photoshop, so this is all you get... (insert ever so sad face here). Missing you already!!!

happy birthday, poughkeepsie.

I was suprised last year to get a birthday trip offer in the mail from...... Harrahs Laughlin -- a property I have never been to and never will. My birthday is in a mere 10 days, and as usual I will be in Vegas - this time on a comp three nighter at Caesars. At least Mirage wished me happy birthday at checkin last year, we'll see how Caesars measures up. Happy Birthday, Chuck!

That's one creepy clown...

(to continue Dorian's comment)
That's one creepy clown....not in the "clowns are scary" way that some people act, but in the "hey kid, you want to pet some puppies?" way.

@nullzero00 more like a guy with a van with "free candy" spray painted on the sides....

I vaguely remember watching the acrobats at Circus Circus, and playing the arcade games too for almost two hours in 1988 - but the passing glance I had of Blinko from 100 yards away as we entered Circus Circus disturbed me for years, and seeing him again today was no less disturbing.

Feliz cumpleaños Chuck !
Rock on !

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