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Dear Steve...

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 6th November 2012 2:30pm
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Hi Steve,

Long time no chat. I guess things have changed a little bit in both of our worlds which has caused a parting of our paths. Me, I've grown a little older, put some roots down and bought a house while taking on the role of Commander in Chief of landscaping, plumbing, aquatics, electrical, f&b and interior design. You, well, you appear to be neck deep in being freshly married.

So here it is, Erection Day. The day we find out if your efforts to convince Las Vegan voters that you were all ready to pull the trigger on a new resort project at the New Frontier site, if they would help put your candidate in the White House. That was a real kneeslapper Steve. Unfortunately, you - just like Trump - don't have a very good understanding of what a boob you sound like when talking about politics. Elaine was your weathervane and without her, well... you're flapping in the wind. You and I both know you aren't going to join up with El Ad - or anyone for that matter - and even if you did, you wouldn't do it now. You and I both know that the big gambling money is in Asia, not in Las Vegas... or anywhere in America.

I heard from a local blogger that you're gonna strap on the Tony Lama boots, bolo tie and fly to Houston to spend the night watching the returns with George and Barbara. Why not go to Boston with Sheldon? Oh right... you're holding a grudge against them for denying Wynn Foxboro. Or you're sewing seeds for Jeb in '16. I'll guess both... you know that bread requires butter on both sides.

Anyways, Steve, I hope you are well. I'd love to say something lovely about the Vegas joints, but I don't stay there anymore... the elegance is gone. Damn shame because Roger still does such amazing work. Oh and speaking of elegance, have you considered offering up the golf course for the Electric Instagram Rainbow Rave thingy they're having out at the speedway? Bottle service on the green for 100,000 people! Do the math.

Well, Steve, it has been great catching up with you. Have fun in Houston and say hi to Junior for me.



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Beautifully put Chuck! :)

excellent shit..much deserved. The guy appeared in court here in L.A. and he looked like a caricature from MAD magazine circa 1968: fuckin scary-lookin despot!

Classic! What would Roger Thomas say if you caught him in a candid moment?

Did Steve's head explode when the election results came in? Sheldon's probably did.


Since the Wynn is no longer up to your standards, where do you choose to stay when you are in Las Vegas?

@apollo I prefer being a free agent these days. my record of stays is (mostly) documented in the Features section of VT.

hmmm... Does Chuckmonster not like the Venetian/Palazzo?

Now that Question 7 is in favor for MGM.......Murren 2016.

@apollo not particularly. price isn't borne out by value. additionally, wife hates the place (the real decider.)

Chuck....do you put Bellagio in the same category as Wynn as having lost its elegance...and therefore you dont want to stay there either?

Chuck, that is right on the money. The New Frontier lie was a new low.

I have been staying at Wynn properties since he owned the Golden Nugget. I was loyal. Oh, I would have the occasional jaunt somewhere else, but that would just make it so that I appreciated the Wynn joints even more, and I always came back. The Mirage, wow the Mirage in it's heyday was something special. The Bellagio, and Bellagio 2.0 also known as Wynncore. But now just like Chuck I don't come to the city as often and I find myself trying out other places when I do.
Not just the political pandering , but catering to the night club douches, eliminating a once great restaurant program, and overall decline of service has me disillusioned with the Wynn brands.

Not to mention some huge mistakes when conceiving Wynncore. The water feature on the inside versus outside the property. The golf course, the old lady white room furniture from my Aunt's house circa 1968, The bad rip off of "O" called "La Reve",one stinker of a broadway play brought in after another. A country music star at a not so country casino. There are more and we all no what they are but times change, people change, nothing stays the same forever. Hopefully one day a Vegas property will catch that lightning in a bottle magic that Caesars, The Mirage, and Bellagio all had at one time.

PS: That's what made me fall in love with Las Vegas.

Every time we are at Encore I still have trouble with the fact that the entire atrium and strip porte cochere is completely gone forever. What a fucking waste. I understand that was designed with the idea of Plaza being across the street, but I would have put the beach club and surrender in 1000 different locations before putting it there. I would have relocated the strip parking structure somehow and put the beach club and nightclub there, opening up the back of Society and Wazuzu with glass.

I am so happy we got to spend a week there leading up to the Grand Opening weekend in January 09 and experience the resort the way it was originally designed. Amazing to think how many people never got to see how beautiful that space was, which I liked even better than the atriums inside Wynn and Bellagio. There was something just "right" about that space.

Am I just a fucking wacko or does anyone else feel this way?

@steve...you're not a wacko. The atrium at Encore was really pretty. Eliminating it made what originally was an intimate casino space feel claustrophobic.

@steve i agree. the jade trees, the old high limit room... switch made sense even if it was overpriced and gimmicky. Encore was a beautiful place that first year.

@apollo i like bellagio but in the interest of doing my "job" i try not to stay in rooms we've already reviewed. mike, john and blackjacker have all filed multiple thorough reports on the new rooms at bellagio and after visiting them, I don't believe that there is anything i can add to what they've already said. additionally, we've stayed at aria twice but haven't posted full feature reviews of either stay (they were both disasters.)

the issue is that i wear two hats... one as a tourist and one as a reporter of tourism. often times the latter wins over the prior. i go and experience properties because I don't know what to expect, unlike a comfortable tourist who keeps going back to the same joint because they like it.

Wasnt the Encore atrium the same as the Wynn atrium.

It was just an enterence with three trees in the middle?

@apollo- The Encore atrium was similar to the atrium entrances over at Wynn, but it had a distinctly different vibe and atmosphere. Basically the entire west side of the property was one large indoor garden area, with the very elaborate, almost cathedral like ceilings stretching the entire length of the space. The lighting, the music, the layout - everything about Encore 1.0 was really something special on the strip.

AndyA summed it up best saying the space now feels claustrophobic. It really does - especially after experiencing the first 9 months of Encore the way it as originally designed.

Honestly, the Encore atrium made both the Bellagio conservatory and the Wynn atriums look sub-par. It was definitely everything they had learned in the over 20 years of designing large atriums in their hotels all lumped into one great space.

I am hoping we see something very similar to the Encore atrium over at Wynn Cotai. That property will be one excuse to go get a passport and travel to China if I've ever seen one.

"This... was Encore."

(sorry, I can never get the HTML links to work)

How much did Steve kick in to Mittens?

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