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Luxor Renovates

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 6th November 2012 12:58pm
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Luxor has finally renovated its ten year old hotel rooms which still contain the original Egyptian furniture website. The new theme is purple and contains some angular design motif's and a little yellow triangle at the top which is supposed to signify the beam.

Speaking of the beam.... does anybody remember the pre-Apps app they released called BEAM, an app which displayed Luxor discounts on your desktop computer?? Well... that was a bright idea, way ahead of its time, now deceased.

The hotel rooms appear to be mostly unchanged, save a shaking out of the soft goods and upgrading of a sofa or two. The Akhenaten approved armoire sarcophagus still lives on as Luxor approaches its 20th birthday!

I'm curious why this is the photo on the front page of their website. Ancient, "ancient furniture" and a 15" CRT television. I was curious why they chose purple until I saw the couch over there in the lounge.

Luxor was queued up for a full renovation of hotel rooms way back in 2007/8. Sample hotel rooms were built and installed in the tower, but the post-CityCenter punch list project was scrapped with the economic meltdown and CityCenter's financing woes.

Perhaps it might be time for a return visit to The $350,000,000 Pyramid.

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Comments & Discussion:

Nice picture they have on the website showing the Luxor parking lot, which is completely empty!

After looking at it again its actually the parking lot across LV Blvd, but why show so much of this in the picture?

Because Luxor is Muslim.

^ i forgot about that. hahaha.

They still have CRT's? Holly fuckballs.

that is not a bad looking room but i miss the animatronic camels

Wondering why somebody at Luxor didn't head to the Sahara and make an offer on every camal lamp they had..those would have been perfect :)

Those armiores are some heavy suckers..good luck moving those things out and around..when and if that ever happens...

Oh, memories of The BEAM... warms my heart! Whoever did the website redesign though needs to be shot.

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