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The Andrea's Opens Dec 28th With Plenty of Vibe Dining

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 1st November 2012 1:23pm
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All those looking to chow down with the Wynn's should mark December 28th on their calendar as it will be the night Andrea's (pronounced "ANN-dree-uhz") will be opening at The Encore Nightclub and Hotel, Casino.

And much like the Allegro logo, this one is a straight font too. Sad.

Perhaps the most telling part of the press release that arrived with Andrea's details is that it saves discussing the food until the penultimate paragraph. First, we get the introduction of the term "vibe dining" then the trumpets tell us that this is the first restaurant to be fully integrated into a nightclub. Marilyn Spiegel steps up to the plate with a quote that includes nine delicious adjectives in two sentences.

The restaurant will be "enclosed from view of the casino floor" yet also offer "step up dining area designed for diners to see and be seen." Multi-layered exclusivity!

True to form, we know who the "musical chef" is (Steve Angello) and who built the sound system (John Lyons Systems) but there is no discussion about who the actual chef is. The food discussion amounts to this:

Andrea's will embrace a contemporary style of dining that is more fluid and less formatted than the traditional three-course model. From Andrea's exhibition kitchen will come a steady stream of Asian cuisine -- from sizzling platters of expertly prepared meats, seafood and noodles, to sushi and dim sum. The sharable dishes can be enjoyed with sublime cocktails, many named after the resort's world-famous resident DJs.

Surrender Sushi Snackbar.

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Comments & Discussion:

Vibrator dining! "Waiter, I'll have the California roll and the Hitachi Magic Wand."

Can it possibly get any worse than that?

Steve Wynn knows how to make money in tough economic times in Vegas, but how much damage has he done to his big spending high roller customer base? Who will vibe dining and "mood enhancing sounds set in a sexy atmosphere" attract? Not whales, in my opinion.

Don't chip a tooth!

So this is a place you can go to with friends that you dont want to hear talk because the music will be too loud?

"Vibe dining" Well, I suppose that goes well with the butterflies all over the floor.

I guess Andrea's sounded better than "Tao North".

The logo isn't messaging nightclub or even sexy, let alone vibey. I'm getting more of a 24-hour diner in Freemont area feel.
I guess JakeZ summed up my perplexity. But really, CAN it get any worse!?

So, they will not have any cocktails at this place, eh? Because I know there is no such thing as a world-famous DJ. Wolfman Jack, excepted, may he rest in peace.

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