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You Say Andrea's, I Say Andrea's

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 31st October 2012 12:58pm
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For her thirty five years of on-and-off marriage, Elaine Wynn had a salad named after her. I ate it. I loved it. I wrote about it.

For her three years of marriage, Andrea (Hissom) Wynn will have the honor of having a restaurant named after her. Yup. Norm! reported over the weekend that Switch will be renamed Andrea's when it reopens. She is the owner after all.

Andrea's as in "on-DRAY-uhz." Y'know, the Eurotrash pronunciation.

The thing with people who stress specific elocution of their names, they fucking hate it when you say it like Cousin Eddie (or Mitt Romney) would.

Now, and furthermore, Andrea's will be "ANN-dree-uhz." Y'know, the Ameritrash pronunciation.

Sometimes I get tired of saying "We told you so" - Dec 2, 2010.

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Comments & Discussion:

Any guesses at the menu?? Might be a fun VT game to try and guess some of the dishes that will be served. Here's my guess

Fortunate Son
A dish of half baked vegetarian lasagna that should not be on the menu but Steve insists that it is and promotes it despite it's lack of substance or quality.

"Renaming Switch" - Does that imply they're leaving the changing walls/ceiling stuff?

I'm still waiting for Alex to reopen as Danenza after Nicholas Robert Danenza Hissom.

This place is the cum stain of Wynncore.

I head "an-Dray-ah" and I tend ot think the character from the old Reboot tv show, but that character is way more awesome that the doucherati that Wynn seems to want these days.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of my recent memory I recall reading something along the lines of some restaurant in the Golden Nugget being named Elaine's back in the 80's? Does anyone remember if that's possible? I also keep thinking I was drinking beer and shopping for satin jackets on eBay when I saw that mentioned:-(.

I dont think we will see Elaine Wynn dining at the new resteraunt replacing Switch.

Jeff, yes, I remember Elaine's in the Golden Nugget, but I can't find any details. Wasn't it up the escalator. I remember the original Lillie Langtry's and the Italian place with singing waiters. Here's the only reference I found, from 1985. I can't post the link due to my inability to remember @Chuck's instructions. http://articles.latimes.com/1985-06-30/entertainment/ca-55_1_golden-nugget

God. Marilynn now Andrea? Who the fuck is running this company? Pull the stock. I'm officially out. Chuck--Thanks for opening my eyes, once and for all.

Great link, Detroit! If I downed a shot for every place that was mentioned in that article that no longer exists, I would have the perfect excuse not to mow the lawn today.

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