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The Last VIMFP Post

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 30th October 2012 11:30am
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So we're back. Yeah, I've been back from #VIMFP two weeks, but as all of you lucky enough to own a home and be in a committed relationship know, things (spouse) happen (suggested) around the place (the pool) when seasons change (below 80 degrees) that winterizing (building an eco friendly, green energy solar pool heater out of irrigation tubing, pvc pipe, plywood and black spray paint) is not only economically smart (for under $150) but fun (if you're inside watching 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' marathon on Bravo.) If you're really lucky (seven out), you'll learn (gardeners didn't cement the sprinkler system pvc pipes when installed last year) a few (what is a T&P valve?) things (it is an $.86 part which saved me from buying and installing a new water heater ~$1k) about your home (I'm equidistant from two Home Depots) and relationship (RHOBH isn't nearly as annoying as '16 and Pregnant') along the way (11 trips to Home Depot in 5 days - my personal best) which will make next seasons' winterizing (laying pipe in the front yard) even more productive.

Whew. So what have you been up to the last two weeks? Submitting your Trippies nominations I hope, as I'm positive that a bunch of you have Vegas relatively fresh on your mind as the post-VIMFP glow slowly, very slowly (please) withers.

Oh and speaking of VIMFP.... for those who are interested and not subscribed to the feeds the Vegas Gang Interview with Derek Stevens is here and the Five Hundy VIMFP show is here. I'm not sure what the status of audio of Stump Dr. Dave is. Match Game VT may be posted at a later date, but I doubt it... the audio won't do it justice (you have to be there.)

For those looking for some visual stimulation to go with the audio, a number of kind folks have posted their VIMFP Main Event photos to the internets.

Photos and video by @vegasgravy

Sexy bedroom photos ofVegas Gang with Derek Stevens, nude FHBM, the hunky Stump Dr. Dave and the supremely offensive Match Game VT photos by @petefindlay.

Finally, here are 90 spectacular photos taken by @dribbleglass including some post show candids and a "Crazy Girls" pose. Yeah we went there.

VIMFP merch

Lots of folks asked at the event where the merch table was. Well, here it is - official VIMFP artwork hand designed by guys who hang out in the parking lot at Home Depot yours truly. Order now for guaranteed Christmas delivery. Lol.

Save the month: October 2013!

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"Laying pipe in the front yard."

I feel for you on the home projects, hope it went well. There is nothing quite like getting the knowing look from the Home Depot cashier, as you check out for the umpteenth time.


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