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VegasEats: Cosmopolitan Slot Floor Beef Pudding

By Misnomer on Friday, 26th October 2012 12:37pm
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Cosmopolitan Beef Pudding

Offering complimentary drinks to gamblers is as ubiquitous in Las Vegas as, well, gambling. But The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has seemingly upped the ante with an innovation that will surely change the casino industry as we know it: Complimentary beef pudding.

One recent afternoon, during the weekend of the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic, I was parked on a slot stool on the Cosmo slot floor, leisurely pecking away at a video poker machine. I am a tremendous pecker. Drink service was good, with a waitress appearing every 15 minutes or so, and it didn't take long before I'd put down a half dozen Fat Tires. I was feeling fine, when a waitress approached with what at first appeared to be a tray of shots. I assumed we were about to take my little party of one to the next level.

But it wasn't a tray of shots at all. It was a tray of little plastic shot glasses filled with…something. The waitress stopped beside me and deadpanned, "Would you like one?"

"What is it?" I asked.

"Beef," she said.

Naturally, I accepted. The top layer was indeed beef, with the look and taste of mom's pot roast. I also detected a savory mushroom slice. But the under layer was creamy, like pudding. Oh, I'm sure it was some highfalutin polenta or hominy (Hominy? I just had one!). But it ate like puddin'. Beef puddin'.

The next time you're on the Cosmo slot floor, be sure to drink six beers and inquire about the complimentary beef pudding. Then you can be a half-drunk, beef puddin' eatin' pecker like me!

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Well , I guess that's one way to cut back on the empty stomach drinkers on the floor. Cool.

A lovely idea...until one gets spilled in a bill accepter!

What else do they plan on doing to deter people from gambling at their casino?!

If you want it you just to ask. Where's the Beef?

I've been handed several unexpected but attractive (and tasty!) foodlets on the Cosmo slot floor during my last few visits. Things like a micro-caprese in a teensy square plastic dish with an even teensier spear-paddle (not really a fork). Can't tell if they're promoting Wicked Spoon or just being nice, but it does break up the monotony of losing. Seems to happen to me in the late afternoon, when I'm playing along the far wall opposite the main Identity desk.

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