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Tourist Group Stages Protest At Foot of Paris Balloon

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 18th October 2012 2:40pm
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A group of tourists angered by Caesars Entertainment continuing to allow the famed Paris balloon to fall into further disrepair staged a protest outside of the iconic marquee on Friday evening.

The organization - known as the "Vegas Internet Mafia" - held signs written in French which said:

Mr. Loveman,

Paint the balloon please.

Thank you,
Vegas Internet Mafia

Chants of "Paint The Balloon" were greeted with cheers by passers by, horn honks by cabbies and limo drivers and an endorsement by two members of the local Salvation Army. One member of the group exclaimed "and fix the neon too!" calling out the section of the balloon which burned out during a recent rain storm.

A representative of Caesars Entertainment told the group members during a meeting on Saturday afternoon that the cost to replace the nylon covering of the balloon is approximately $300,000. No paint is required.

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Comments & Discussion:

This is heroic.

Hear hear....

If you think about it-add up what is spent at Gordon Ramsey's, Mon ami Gabi, the sugar Factory , the rooms and all of the gambling plus folks going up to the Eifel Tower in 4 hours on a Friday. I bet it adds up to $300,000.

Seriously...this was so much fun. FYI...I hid a few of the signs in strategic places around the Paris casino later that nite.

When staying at Paris, they asked me if I wanted a room with a view.

I said, "can I see the balloon?"

"Yes sir, you can"

"No thanks, what else do you have?"

Well, well, did Cosmo wrangle Chuckmonster back in? (Assuming he is the one who snapped the pic)

If so......trip report?

Paris has been bombarded with protesters! Last time I was there, the engineers were protesting outside!

So funny, well done!

My wife and I stayed there for the first time in July and we really enjoyed our stay. I hope they keep the place up!

Was the photo taken from Comme Ca? (sp?)

My favorite part was when a construction worker stopped and asked us what local we were from thinking we were picketing before joining in chanting.

We're all in Local 666 of VIMF

I have a feeling that we'll be restaging this protest next year....

I have no choice but to heart this with all possible epic.

Its amazing that Caesers has allowed this sign to fall into the disrepair its in now..either fix it, or replace it..

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