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Mandarin Oriental: New Website, Golden Access and More

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 5th October 2012 11:03am
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Mandarin Oriental has finally discarded their amateurish website for a sleek, sexy and professional display of their luxurious goods. Filigree has been eliminated in favor of large, bold, gorgeous photos of their room offerings. We all knew they had great rooms in there, but now we can really eyeball the details.

The Mandarin Suite with sexy soak-over-the-Strip tub.

This is the Emperor Suite. The glass bubble curtain goes all the way around the couch. Those curtains look familiar. The carpet looks sorta familiar too. It is definitely not a rip off of Encore - they've amped up the Asian on this to 11 - but it does have echoes of a knock-off.

Technically, the harsh day light really washes out the contrast in the room, this is why I never take hotel room photos during the day, and if I have to, I close the curtains.

The Taipan Suite. Looks like a cluttered antique store... designed by Adam Tihany too. I'm amazed at how remarkably busy, over stuffed and disjointed this room is. Ugly.

If I do have complaints with their website, it is the utterly confusing user interface of the shopping cart. There is no consistency in their navigation... one needs to search to find the buttons that lead to the next step of the booking process. Furthermore, the buttons do have weird labels in a font that I find difficult to read. Decision making between buttons labeled "Not This Time" and "Continue" are slightly bizarre. Perhaps it is Chinese custom to decide dialogs in the negative. Who knows.

It is also interesting that they've virtually buried their resort fee language. In fact they don't even call it a resort fee, they call it "Golden Access Fee." A few years ago, we managed to get our hands on minutes from CityCenter board meetings wherein MGM top brass (Bobby Baldwin, Dan D'Errico and Jim Murren) discussed the difficulties they were having with Mandarin Oriental management... with primary sticking points being room rates and their insistence that Mandarin charge a resort fee. Eventually, they caved but not without rebranding their resort fee in less crass language.

I'd like to thank VT reader H.C. for pinging us about the Manadarin "Golden Access" issue ($24) earlier today. Thanks!


Comments & Discussion:

The Golden Access fee has been around since January. It actually is worthwhile as it gives you wireless internet for up to 5 devices which used to be super exepensive. I think the internet even worked throughout the City Center campus as last time I was there I was getting on the wifi at Aria as well.

Mandarin is a fine hotel. Just a caution on some of the suites. Due to the stupid design of the building, rooms can have pillars in them at bad places. These are the rooms around the ends of the building (many are strip view). We've had one great suite there and one that was really poorly laid out.

Those rooms just look....cramped to me =/

The colors, textures, and patters I love, but I feel like it won't be executed with a flow. Has than Mandarin lost its chi?

Personally, I have never been a fan of the see through/empty space walls that separate the bedroom from the bathroom. Feels so invasive!

Still the best hotel on the Strip.

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