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#VIMFP: Drink Up, Event Passes and More

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 4th October 2012 3:29pm
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Holy crap! I crawled out from under a pile of Lime-A-Rita cans to realize that a week from now a metric Canadian shit ton of you freaks will be on the ground in Vegas for the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic.

We're in process of tying up the last bits of loose ends and also on the verge of announcing some other great stuff we have planned for the weekend. But first, I wanted to put a stake in the ground stating that Bar Vdara has won the Where should we have the VIMFP Drink Up poll in a rousing comeback victory. Some may recall that we did a meetup at Bar Vdara the night ARIA opened. The indoor/outdoor vibes under the bright lights of CityCenter coupled with great service and relaxed, private atmosphere will be a great place to ease into a great weekend of fun and freakiness. Speaking of Cities, did I forget to mention, forget to mention kayaks?

At some point during the drink up - probably around 11pm or so, we're gonna head over to the front of ARIA to do a group Murrening photo. After that we will be heading to another location for another activity which I can't divulge until the night of the event.

Because we're dorques, we've embraced Apple's new Passbook technology for those who want to have reminders of all of the events. The Admiral has posted some info about passes on his blog. You can download VIMFP passes by visiting the VegasInternetMafia.com on your device and clicking on the Passbook icons next to each event. They will automatically upload to your Passbook folder on iOS devices or to the Android app Hunter mentioned that supports this file type.

I advise all of you to who are attending to continually check the VIMFP website for updates and information as well as track #VIMFP hash tag on Twitter. You can also ping me @vegastripping or @chuckmonster, but be aware that I won't always be able to answer your questions, particular during the Main Event, if you tag #VIMFP someone in the group will eagerly answer your questions.

Can't wait to see y'all... this weekend is going to be mega-awesome!

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Comments & Discussion:

I've actually never been to Bar Vdara but the cocktail menu looks yummy! And I totally dig the idea of an outdoor patio. Great choice!

can't wait...I won't be able to attend the actual picnic (stupid work schedule), but I will be at the other festivities!!!

Man...there are not words to describe how daggum excited I am about this. VIMFPVIMFPVIMFPMURRENINGVIMFP

For anyone that has the Passbook passes, they'll also update themselves with any new info as needed, such as the cocktailing location.

Nice touch with the Passbook use Hunter.

I have a feeling that the Murrening group portrait is going to be epic. Can't f'ing wait!

These last few days have been the longest ever prior to a trip. Can't wait to get on the ground and for the weekend to get here.

Since I'm a bit dense, I'll ask. Is Bar Vdara off of the lobby, to the left when entering from Aria? I've only ever gone in there to cut through to Bellagio.

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