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Thursday's Gone : Skynyrd BBQ Toast

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 27th September 2012 10:11am
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Our friends at Daily Fiasco are reporting that the Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ and Beer joint at Excalibur has closed, suddenly and permanently.

The not-even-a-year-old joint has been removed from the restaurant listing on Excalibur's website.

This must have come as some surprise as the restaurant's Facebook joint was still posting stuff yesterday.

Guess who forgot to pay the rent!

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Comments & Discussion:

Gimme back my brisket.

Man, this restaurant went down in flames faster than, well... you know.

I wonder if they were given three steps.....

Not a good week for musican-related restuarants, as Flava Flav's House Of Flava reportedly shut down this week as well.

LV Sun is reporting that American Burger Works at Excalibur, owned by the same company, also closed. Bankruptcy. http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2012/sep/27/lynyrd-skynyrd-bbq-sister-restaurant-out-excalibur/

That's a shame we had fun there in April with a great cover band. Never ate there though

Judging by that article it look more like the owners were engaging in an elaborate shell game.

Oh that smell.... Can't you smell that smell... Oh that smell.... The smell of fail around you......

Guess I can cross it off my list of places I was never going to eat in.

According to Vegas Inc the owners are suing to keep the place open even though they owe $450,000 in rent.

I've eaten at both and they were ok. Both places got decent reviews but neither did enough business to cover the up-front decorating costs. American Burger has a pricing problem with the Excalibur clientele especially with a McD's upstairs. LS BBQ has a poor layout with jumbled theming. For example, an industrial steel bar decorated with cheap plastic souvenirs and surrounded by rough hewn wood paneling and cafeteria tables.

Only ate there once- They had a nice $9.99 lunch special with a BBQ sandwich and one side. Good food & decent prices, but sadly rather lackluster service.

I know the owners/pitmasters spent time down in central Texas learning from one of he legendeary BBQ joints (either Kreuz or Louie Mueller...forget which). I didn't have high hopes for them but I'm willing to give a shot to anybody trying to bring decent cue to LV.

i know i'm a little late in commenting about this, but isn't this a good example of why a casino shouldn't outsource dining options to a third party?

I tend to agree Jester, Maybe we should include MGM specifically considering all the issues they've had at Luxor and Bb Kings at Mirage (and rum jungle at MB) it sure seems like they aren't interested in letting their partners profit with so many examples.

Since I was across the street at the Trop I noticed that the sign is still up but when you walk into Excalbur the space is empty even though the signs are still over the empty space.

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