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The Replacement Cheerleaders

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 26th September 2012 11:12am
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The D is offering refunds to sports bettors holding a Packers win ticket, bunked by the greedy NFL owners and their decision to lock out their refs in a labor dispute. What do you expect from a team of scab workers? Clever move on the D's part, surely a conversation starter amongst Wednesday morning quarterbacks.

How do I know this? Because every member of The D's PR contractor Kirvin Doak Inc. tweeted identical tweet at exactly the same time. I would guess they were all huddled over their IBM Think Pads - the ones with the red button in the middle of the keyboard - sitting around an oval table in a meeting room.

It is quite funny how pleasant yet sorta sleazy social media marketing is. One might think that these folks are your friends, they might even be in your stream. All of them smiling, harmless, friendly, eager to help, but calculatingly inserting their clients' advertising into your stream with no admission or acknowledgement that these thoughts are not their own but instead a paid-for advertisement.

Content providers love this stuff though... as it eliminates the hardest part of their job - finding something, anything, to fill up column inches, segment space, or the minimum quota of five blog posts per day (go, count em).

Oh wait, while writing this post, they did it again... this time about the "Vegas Glow Run" some event they tried valiantly to get VT to pay money to participate in.

I see so much Vegas marketing, I'm fucking numb from it. It sneaks in every open window, crawls in every crack in the wall, piggy backs onto phone, infests my computer, fills my inbox, stuffs my mailbox and gets slid under the front door. Everywhere.

When does it stop, this constant bullshit parade. Information overload. Perhaps it is time to call in the call in the #replacementcheerleaders.

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Comments & Discussion:

I can\'t help but wonder if any of these accounts are fake.

I'm still convinced that 'social media' is going to be essentially worthless to businesses in the long run. It's white noise at it's finest.

In reference to the D giving refunds to bettors, I'd be willing to bet that the return for them had to be extremely low and the free 'actual' publicity outweighs the return. Nice move by Mr. Stevens.

Well now, if we're going to throw the "greedy" accusation out there...none of this would be happening if the "greedy" players union members hadn't crossed the picket line. If they'd have stood by their union brothers...the owners would have caved, or there would not be any games played. Packer loyalist here, so I do feel the pain such as it is.

Wait Wisconsin is supporting unions now?

And your missing the Robin Leach retweets of the PR pap...

Spam Wars: Attack of the Clones

@fatbastard - agreed, the players should not have walked the picket line... if they truly care about "unions." did the refs cross the line when the nfl hired replacement players during the last labor dispute?

Oh Chuck... We are merely sharing our clients' news. We create suggested tweets on every press release to make it easy for media to share the story, and our colleagues are kind enough to help in spreading that message as well. The great thing about Twitter, you can unfollow at any time if it bothers you.

^exactly. "smiling, harmless, friendly, eager to help, but calculatingly inserting their clients' advertising into your stream with no admission or acknowledgement that these thoughts are not their own but instead a paid-for advertisement."

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