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Golden Gate Charging $200/night!

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 20th September 2012 2:43pm
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Here's something I thought I'd never see... the Golden Gate is charging upwards of $200/night the weekend of VIMFP. Not just that but... it is a 50% off sale! Normal rack rate of $400? Insane.

Yes, this is the same weekend that The D is having its grand opening (shared ownership) but.... I don't care what weekend it is, if you're paying $200 for a room at the Golden Gate, I'll give you a three big monster sized hugs for twice that.

The D is charging $180/night that weekend. Eeeeeegad.

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Holy Shit!

That's the only response I can think of.

The rates Downtown that weekend are definitely expensive across the board. The Cal & Fremont are sold out for Friday and Saturday, Main Street Station is sold out for Friday. The cheapest option Downtown is the Las Vegas Club, $74 for Friday night and $90 for Saturday night. The Plaza is the next cheapest. Even the Gold Spike and El Cortez have rates of $140-$155 a night. Even the Carson Tower at the Golden Nugget is going for $169 that weekend.


Rates are very high North strip, and downtown that weekend. Only reason we can figure is a convention. South strip, or west of strip, good rates are available.

I've been trying to book a weekend in November and have been getting ridiculous rates across the board. It seems LV never learns it's lesson or demand is back up in a big way. I have Encore right now at $189.00 and they are quoting the same room on Orbitz at $400 per night. Unless I had one of the new suites at Golden Gate, you would have to pay me to stay there..

lol what the

You know Climate control is an expensive option to have

I'm staying at The D November 15-20, and I paid $193... total.

Perhaps it's cheaper to get a rental car and stay at the Palms (and tour its renovations). Or the Tropicana (and tour its possibly open pool club, Bagatelle).

I think you get a partial stake in ownership of the hotel as well as a room for the night.

I'm staying the week after VIMFP and I'm paying a cool hundy for Thursday/Friday. On a side note, yup, I'm staying in Vegas (well, area anyway) for 10 days, I may die!!

In related news, I just got an email from Hooters to pay $80 a night on the weekends.. now either they are so secretive about their rates that I haven't noticed because their site every time doesn't let me just see the prices, but makes me call, but hell, that's a lot over what I normally see for their place on 3rd party sites.. hope this isn't a trend. I mean $80 on a Fri or Sat sounds right, but not at Hooters. I wouldn't pay that there. Upgrades well needed. For $80 at least..

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