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It's Really Official: Imperial Palace is The Quad

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 17th September 2012 2:41pm
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No surprise here, as telegraphed by their trademark registrations and the tens of thousands of surveys they invited guests to participate in, the Imperial Palace will be renamed The Quad.

Caesars Inc. pushed out a press release with video and a ginormous rendering of what the exterior of the property will look like when completed.

The Quad Las Vegas

The disconnect between the sexy O'Sheas replacement, the even-more-boxy-than-before IP pagoda frontage and the barely touched IP towers is a frightening mix, aesthetically.

The Quad Las Vegas

It appears that this is the version of O'Sheas they have settled on.

The Quad Las Vegas

As expected, the entire Strip frontage will be closed to pedestrian access... the point is to connect Linq (at Margaritaville) through what was formerly the IP casino floor, right through the new Quad porte cochere to Carnival Court.

The Quad Las Vegas

And here is the new automobile entrance to IP.... no more getting run over.

The Quad Las Vegas

The Quad's "Q" logo looks like a direct descendent of the horrific Total Rewards logo, genetically spliced with Quiznos and Quality Inn logos. Fugly.

On the whole, I'm not surprised by any of this. While we hoped that, and pleaded with, Caesars Entertainment to give the IP a proper brand amped up with attitude and ass kicking ambience, they sorta went college bar with it... on the cheap too.

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Comments & Discussion:

Yikes, what a lame mess. But with $20b in debt, what did you expect?

Anything is better than trying to cross that exhaust-filled driveway. I really like the larger scope of the project; that 'street' was little more than Flamingo's dumpsters and some neon.

As for what they have done with IP, for me, it's kinda like that old port cochere- ANYTHING is better than what was. When you couple these images with the interior designs, i can see where they might get more bang for their buck than we are seeing here.

The one thing that stands out to me is not the generic 'The Quad' scrawled across the top of the hotel, but the lack of lighting on the giant street side box. They should have showed it as it will be: massive TR related billboards.

AND I was just starting to get excited too. Holy Shit, at this point, I won't be surprised if Caesars simply staples painted plywood to the front facade of the I.P.

You have to like the new mountain range though, and the removal of the Flamingo. These could be big plusses for the Quad.

Dang... Usually the renderings are fancy schmancy. These look like they'd be made for some small locals casino.

Hey you want to go to the Quad? LOL

Yeah, nice job with that Q garage underpass but c'mon, no pedestrian access from the strip? That's not very drunk-friendly at all. How is the O'Shea's crowd supposed to find their way in?

@MattK The Flamingo is not going anywhere as the result of this. The Linq will link The Quad to the Flamingo.

As for the name, I can't wait to drop a deuce at The Quad....

I think they are over-estimating the need for another douchetastic nightclub. I mean seriously, at some point they are going to run out of people to fill these places right?

pretty disappointed with the IP towers "refurb." Read the Sun article and there was no mention of renovated rooms? and worse yet... the Emperor Buffet is going to carry over?!

I hope that they do something to make the giant boxy frontage interesting or else its going to be a giant pedestrian dead zone. Fountains... carts... shops... anything! There use to be a ton of pedestrian activity in front of O'Sheas and IP. Can't stand to see it turn into something like the frontage in front of Crystals.

The architectural genius of the people behind Sams Club.
I mean seriously, two years ago we joked that Aria had all the ambiance of an airplane hanger. This makes Aria look like the Balboa Guggenheim in comparison.

The exterior of whatever O'Shea's is to become doesn't look half bad. All those gray-black shadows dancing in the blue light can't be wrong, right?

But the Quad looks like Qrap (trademarked...now). There are no negative adjectives strong enough to describe my hatred of that logo and those big white boxes. Also, blocking pedestrian access but allowing vehicular access from the Strip is a HUGE mistake. Who can even *drive* on the Strip anymore?

From the logo Quizno's will be the largest resturant in the place. Quad reeks of genericness.

Wow, that is uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggglllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........

No pedestrian access from The Strip? Good luck selling that.

Well @anawas if you trademarked it the Quap, I'm TM'ing it "The Q." Calling it right now. We got it the IP, naturally, with a dumbash name like The Quad, its not far from just calling it letter. Just like the mockups show. Hell, I'm inclined to call it, "The Queef." I swear. Sometimes I feel like they didn't use Horseshoe just to spite us over here because we bought the domain.. I guess you won Caesar's. The Queef Hotel and Casino Las Vegas it is..

Two things
1) That old busted IP building does NOT go with that super modern front of OSheas AT ALL
2) What the hell is with all the people dancing? Do they expect that many people to come here and dance. Look at the one platform, is that just a pavillion for people to come and dance? What the hell is going on here!? It looks like Caesars cleared out the "Clearance/Lumberyard that threw up" section of Home Depot and made a hotel out of it. Seriously, this is what a hotel would look like if Vegas threw up.

They must have decided the IP hotel rooms weren't worth rennovating and it will have to be torn down and rebuilt in a few years. One of the big mistakes at CityCenter was not enough direct access from the strip. There should be stores and bars all along the frontage.

It looks they just took the leftover white paint from the Trop.
How long until the front of the building gets a wrap?

What is disappointing to me...they took two facades that each had a unique look (you name it, colors, textures, materials, detail, etc), that really added to the vibrancy of the strip...and replaced it with a bucket of white paint. It is fitting of the back or side of a property, not the FRONT!

The Queef! Oh how I hope that sticks

That last picture makes me think of an airport Howard Johnson.

OMG...they're putting us up overnight...at the Airport HoJo!!!!

As long as the hot ass dealertainer posing as Avril Lavigne still works there, I'll continue to visit once or twice per trip.

It's all fun and games until someone dances right off one of those "dance-tastic" balconies.

But seriously...
I would bet that "dance pavillion" will be used extensively for banquets, weddings, etc...provided someone thought to put a catering kitchen nearby.

@parchedearth...agreed...how do you send out a press release about a multi-million dollar hotel/casino renovation and not have a single word...literally, not one word...about the room inventory? I guess they're confident in the product (!).

I don't mind the lack of strip-front access all that much, but it does seem kind of stupid to not take advantage of all the eyes and wallets walking by...maybe a walk up bar...ice cream shop...pizza by the slice...t-shirts... I would bet the wall is built in a way that good sized storefronts can be punched through overnight if needed.

Finally...it's a perfect place for a another attempt at a resident production of Avenue Q in Las Vegas...

In most cases, the renderings look much better than the actual product. If that's the case, this will most certainly be the Queef of the Strip.

Actually, they're probably betting on little to no ped traffic in front of The Queef because the LINQ sucked everyone in. And the few that walk past the LINQ (on their way to Wynn) will still get sucked in to the Queef/Qarnival Qourt transition and possibly lost in the maze.

Seems like everyone bagging on the lack of room renovation information is clearly missing the point that Harrah's is way over-leveraged and will spend the next 12-18 months fighting off bankruptcy. My guess is that they open Linq and re-open O'Sheas and IP err Q casino, get the cash flowing again and then circle back around to re-do the Quad rooms a few years down the road. If they are still even a corporate entity that is.

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