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Peekaboo: Caesars Bacchanal Buffet

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 11th September 2012 9:23am
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VT reader dshapiro dropped in at Caesars Palace's brand new Bacchanal Buffet and brought back a slew of photos and a coupla thousand calories of nom. It looks as sleek and modern as we predicted... but then again, we saw the architectural diagrams so it wasn't much or a prediction. Anyhoos... strap on the photo proxy feedbag!

Caesars Bacchanal 1 Sign

The sign.

Caesars Bacchanal 2 Glass

The horn of plenty, a cornucopia sealed in fish tank sneeze guard.

Caesars Bacchanal 3 Oysters

The oyster shucking station at the raw bar.

Caesars Bacchanal 4 Seating

Seating area.

Caesars Bacchanal 5 Seating

Another seating area.

Caesars Bacchanal 6 Plate

"Stone crab slaw, ceviche, crab croquettes, 2 types of raw oysters (larger are east coast, small are west coast) huge shrimp cocktail, lobster corn chowder. Seafood was fresh and displayed on ice."

Caesars Bacchanal 7 Charcuterie

"Eaten piece of manchego cheese, garlic knot, seven types of charcuterie, assorted fresh made sushi. Heirloom tomato and mozzarella salad (center.) There was also parmesan cheese, but did not make it into the photo."

Caesars Bacchanal 8 Dimsum

"Basket is fried chicken and sweet potato fries, grape leaf, sticky rice in lotus leaf, pot sticker, shu mai, crystal shrimp dumpling, boneless bbq pork, orange chicken, beef with asparagus, chicken teriyaki on a stick. Right plate has a meatball, pasta with tomato vodka sauce, pesto chicken pasta."

Caesars Bacchanal 9 Seafood

Seafood station - an assortment crab (stone, king, snow) shrimp, clams, mussels, oysters.

Caesars Bacchanal 10 Americ

American food.

Caesars Bacchanal 11 Carve

The carvery - sausage, ribs, lamb chops, brisket and veal leg.

Caesars Bacchanal 12 Mex

Mexican food

Caesars Bacchanal 13 Italia

Italian, pasta, pizza, Mediterranean.

Caesars Bacchanal 14 Charcu

Charcuterie assortment.

Caesars Bacchanal 15 Asian

Asian - Chinese, Vietnamese Pho.

Caesars Bacchanal 16 Sushi

Asian - Japanese, sushi.

Caesars Bacchanal 17 Desser

Dessert Station.

Caesars Bacchanal 18 Lamb


Thanks again to dshapiro for allowing us to gorge ourselves vicariously through these photos!

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Comments & Discussion:

can't wait for #vimfp.

Awesome... I'm excited. Great review. Thank you.

Nice review, thanks for sharing. Definitely get there in the 1st 6 months if there is one thing we've seen is buffet quality goes down hill rather quickly after their initial debut.

I'm rather impressed, other than the desert pile left sitting out. That always seems to leave things really dry.

Can't wait. any ideas on pricing?

from the original news release: "The Bacchanal Buffet will be open daily from 7am to 10pm, serving breakfast ($19.99), lunch ($24.99) and a seafood-featured dinner ($39.99). The buffet will be available within the Buffet of Buffet pass for a $10 supplemental charge."

Couldn't have opened 2 weeks ago when I was there, could it? Noooo.

That's an impressive presentation...gonna be one of my first stops hopefully in January..

I'm planning on hitting it at least once or twice during #VIMFP weekend.

also i think there is going to be an all you can drink beer and wine option to add on for $15.99. please follow me on twitter @ david__shapiro

I was there labor day weekend with my floor plan peaking behind the curtains. Surprised there was not any changes to the layout. My wife could not belive the chandelier style lighting on the columns was drinking glasses, and the use of crystal desert glasses on some of the interior fixtures. Very awesome job of CET! Now if they can meet or beat the food standard at Spice Market or Wynn, it will be a winner!

I must be the only one who thinks it looks too much like the Aria buffet which we hated. Tall order to beat the Wynn buffet. Will be fun to try.

Get there in the first 3 months. It'll all be downhill from there!

I am making this one of my food stops in a month. The food looks wonderful and seems to follow the small portion plan of Wicked Spoon.

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