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The D Doubles Down

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 13th February 2017 7:59am
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As many of you know, The D (formerly the shit hole known as Fitzgeralds) will be holding its "grand reopening" party on the same day as we hold the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic. The D's owner and head honcho Derek Stevens will be joining the Vegas Gang Podcast at VIMFP to talk D with us just hours before the big party.

In preparation of the grand reopening, they've been going bonkers finishing up renovations of the casino floor, public areas and the exterior of the joint.

Two months ago, they were still dismantling and removing the Fitzgerald's logo/rainbow remnants.

Now, all that has been removed and a new "D" logo has been framed on the property's bulkhead entry. They've also removed a ton of the 1980's looking exterior flourishes and have double downed on some of the more art-deco inspired design flourishes.

They've also built an exterior escalator to get up to the Vue Bar, or whatever it is they're calling it now.

The interior of the casino has also undergone a dramatic transformation. For starters, the joint is clean. Gone are the cranky dealer crews, replaced with energized, happy, clean and personable staff. All of the casino felts, tables, chairs and chips and uniforms have been replaced and rebranded with new D logos and persona.

The new chips... peeking at the detail reveals an inlay that speaks to the "bolts and blackjack" story of owner Derek Stevens, or he is a fan of the Jetsons' Spacely Sprockets

The bullet hole carpet is very gangster. I think i'm beginning to see the theme here... whereas the Golden Gate is being marketed as a 1920's flappers joint, The D will be its neighboring Prohibition-era speakeasy... gangsters and tommy guns, feds and fedoras, the perfect theme to fit the late 20's & 30's boom of art deco design and architecture. Play all very more kizi games at the best kizi games site. Play at the best kizi games today. Play online games at the best kizi 2 games site.

The casino floor has been given a complete, simple renovation. New rippling brown glass tiles line the ceiling, complimenting the sharp, modern look of the red, black, maroon and gray interior hues. This place looks and feels great and fits in perfectly with the new look of downtown as typified by the on going upgrades at Golden Nugget and the total renovation of The Plaza.

The D, call me a believer.

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Comments & Discussion:

They've posted some updated shots on their Facebook page as well, including some of the aforementioned escalator to the D Bar.


I'm planning on spending some time on Fremont Street on Thursday prior to VIMFP. They'll probably be working down to the wire to get everything done in time for the big party. Both the Golden Gate and The D are sold out for Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th, so they're expecting a lot of friends and family at the festivities.

You think they would've at least kept the rainbow at until this weekend's Gay Pride festival downtown!

I noticed the changes in the ceiling since back in June, I wll make it a must stop this Sep trip to see the final product. Good for them, it was about time these other casinos got a facelift, Four Queens looked decent enough, we just need Binions, California & LVC to up their game.

BTW, when is the mafia trip dates ? With a little luck I may run into some of you guys.

This looks interesting and I always go to Freemont when I am in Vegas anyway so I will check this out when I am in town for the VIMFP.

I hope that rainbow got moved to the Neon Museum.

@middleclassbuzz The Neon Museum was already offered it, but it was too big for the museum, so it was put up on eBay.


Anyone hear of what the plans are for their restaurants ... Don B's and Courtyard Grill? Certainly they can do better and I hope something is in the works.

They are putting in an American Coney Island, which is a landmark Detroit eatery. Nothing has been said about whether the ezisting restaurants (including McDonald's) will be changed.

I wonder how American Coney Island will do in Vegas. As a Detroiter, I've consumed more calories at both American and Lafayette Coney Island, which sit side by side in downtown Detroit, than I care to admit. (I still prefer Lafayette.) I'm sure Derek Stevens has "dined" at American Coney Island many times, so I hope he keeps it authentic. If the staff isn't all grumpy, old Greek men, it ain't the real thing. http://www.epicportions.com/2010/03/20/detroit-coney-island-war/

I may be in the minority, but I think the "Experience" portion of Fremont is played out. The canopy makes a legendary stretch of real estate look suffocating and industrial, most glaringly in the daytime. It looks like some sort of Mall of America or Circus Circus Thunderdome (or whatever it's called) monstrosity.

Even the tech behind it is embarrassingly old when compared to HD display technology of the past decade. I think if it returned to its open air state it'd improve the atmosphere a lot.

I realize it'd never happen considering the costs of its initial installation and that it still draws a certain number of tourists. But...still.

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