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More Carlos N Charlies Fun...

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 7th September 2012 2:46pm
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After reading our less than stellar review of Carlos N Charlies at the Flamingo, VT superfriend BigHoss admitted that he and a friend had eaten there as well and had an equally lousy meal.

Another dumbass thing they do at Carlos & Carol's besides the ketchup hilarity is the chicken sandwich joke. If you order a chicken sandwich, as my friend did last month, they bring you a giant rubber chicken on a bun. We were already in disbelief at the shittiness in general of the place, but this prompted a photo...
Carlos N Charlies

Hey I love a rubber chicken gag as much as the next guy, but...

Thanks Hoss!

P.S. I think I had the same waitress.

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Comments & Discussion:

Glad Gilbert Gottfried got some work after the Aflac gig fell through.

If I had to do this shit at work, I'd totally be into self-harm.

On the bright side, it appears that they are not required to wear any "flair"....

I really have the urge to go in there and be just as obnoxious as the servers. Towards the end of my meal, I think I would start squirting the ketchup bottles ALL over the table, floor, ceiling and anyone who might be within 10 feet of me. All the while just laughing like an obnoxious asshole while humming the Mexican Hatdance song as loud as possible. Sounds like a blast to me.
Viva, Carlos n Crazies!

Perhaps a #VIMFP invasion?

Massive eyeroll. I'd be more irritated by the ketchup idiocy, but how long did the friend then have to wait for the real sandwich to be served?

My God, this is hilarious.

I'll love to see them try that shit here in Mexico, specially in Acapulco....

Fiesta=Sloppy Ploppies in the bathroom for the rest of the trip.

Is that how it works? You order a gringo dish and they treat you like an asshole? Yeah, hilarious. Nice dentures there, chef.

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