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Old News Dept: The Allegro Signage and Logo

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 6th September 2012 10:18am
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Between doing our Atlantic City Tripping and working on upgrading the technical underpinnings of this award winning website and a handful of other ones which bear somewhat similar names, I've been remiss in posting various bits of news. Don't worry, you didn't miss much.

One event worth mentioning is that Stratta finally changed its name to Allegro, closing the book on the tenure of deposed chef Alex Stratta from the shores of Wynn Las Vegas. Along with the name change comes a new logo, new signage and a slightly refreshed interior design. We stopped by the other day, hours before the official Wynn photographers showed up to preserve the joint forever in glossy, retouched, photoshopped formaldehyde.

Wynn Allegro Signage.

This isn't a logo, this is a font on a path. A generic font too. My off the cuff guess is "Penumbra Serif"? A font does not a logo make, while we don't expect Mr. Wynn to know this, we certainly do expect the head honchos of marketing and design to know it.

Allegro is not an allergy drug, it is an Italian musical term which generically describes a temp as fast. Not extreme blast beat thrash metal fast, but uptempo, quick even. With Wynn falsely self-proclaiming itself an the epicenter of musical creation on par with Vienna in the 1700s, the use of a musical term for a restaurant makes some degree of nonsense. However, the logo, good god in heaven, it sucks.

In the interest of giving our friends at Wynn a little Monday morning back seat advice on how to drive the quarterback to the Superbowl of post-Stratta semi-casual Italian food, I've taken a whopping 20 minutes to assemble four different versions of an Allegro logo, the last of which I feel is uniquely suited for the current direction of Wynn.

Wynn Allegro Help

Yeah, they're rough... and I probably wouldn't go with any of these, but they take into account the actual word and create some kind of image to go with the name. One could only imagine what Roger Thomas would do if you told him to create a room where Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky, Nijinski and other card carrying members of the Franco-Russo early modernists movement would come to get some Stratta leftovers.

This is the third name and fourth design for the space which originally opened as Corsa Cucina. Check out our 2009 and 2010 reviews of Stratta.

Additionally, Wynn fetishists should know that Red 8 has also done a minor refresh of their interiors as well, including putting one of their exclusive dining tables inside a birdcage right on the corner.

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Comments & Discussion:

Do you have a pic of Red 8's birdcage table? Sounds bizarre. Would I have to wear a studded dog collar to sit there?

i do not. they put it in the corner. it isn't a real birdcage, but it has bars on the casino/tower suites corner and a curtain facing the restaurant. semi private/totally public. very peculiar.

Has that corner 'birdcage' table not always been there? I recall sitting at the table I think you refer to back in around 2007, the highlight being watching George Clooney walk past...

@prof - yes, it has been there. it looks more birdcagey now. i can't define for you the specifics, but it looks "different" to me compared to the thousands of other times I've walked by that corner or eaten there.

The current Allegro sign seems more fitting for a coffee shop in Monte Carlo. The stringy-Stratta-spaghetti font/ logo was a lot more fun.

That sign wouldn't work for the Monte Carlo, the name is all wrong, they'd have to change it to something like Big Pot o' Pasta or Stuff Your Facio to go along with Big Belly Buffet

^true dat.

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