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VegasEats: Terrace Pointe Cafe at Wynn Las Vegas 2012

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 5th September 2012 3:56pm
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Wynn Terracepointe2012 C

Some things you can depend on. Death, income taxes, not winning the Megabucks progressive and Terrace Pointe Cafe at Wynn having the best pancakes on the planet. With the roaring changes taking place inside the Wynn | Encore complex since the combined property was taken over by new management slash nightclub cabal, we've wondered what effect this may have had to the holiest of holy breakfasts - the great Terrace Pointe Cafe pancakes. Oh, so delicately crispy on the outside, with a delicate almost creme brulee crust, hiding creamy vanilla tinged fluffy filling within. Heaven in just one bite. A short stack, an endless orgy.

Wynn Terracepointe2012 Ca

On the surface, it doesn't appear that too much has changed at Terrace Pointe Cafe, other than having 1/3 of its square footage taken away in the name of wine and tapas. The saffron colored ceilings, decorative crown molding, canvas wall coverings and outrageous carpeting still dazzle even if they are beginning to show threadbare, unglued age. Service compared to cafe's up and down the Strip is passable, but this is supposed to be a "Wynn" (in quotes) property. At a "Wynn" property, the orange juice arrives almost before you ask for it, and none of it gets spilled on the carpet, the chairs or the table en route. When did MGM buy this place?

Arriving after 11am, there was no breakfast menu, but instead the "all day" menu, a menu which does not contain a listing for God's pancakes. Horror. Feeling bold, we ordered the pancakes anyway, the server obliged "yes, we can make you some pancakes." Yay! MGM didn't buy the joint after all!

I tacked some bacon and a poached egg onto my order along with some of that preciously delicious Wynn coffee.

Miss Monkay ordered a chopped salad, sans dressing.

An eon later our drinks arrived. The coffee has changed at Wynn. Perhaps it is stupid of me to even think that they'd have some degree of consistency in flavor over the seven or so years they've been open, but the current coffee doesn't have that big earthy, woody, aromatic Kona flavor that it used to have. Damn you MGM!

An eon after that, our food arrived. Miss Monkay's chopped salad arrived in a bowl made out of fried sesame paste that had the consistency of a gigantic pork rind.

Wynn Terracepointe2012 S

The bacon and poached egg arrived, perfectly cooked.

Wynn Terracepointe2012 Be

The pancakes arrived as well, topped by bananas.

Wynn Terracepointe2012 B

Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside. Really thick... and filled on the inside with bananas as well.

Wynn Terracepointe2012 Pi

Something doesn't taste right though. I flipped the stack over to find...

Wynn Terracepointe2012 Pb

Yup. They burned two and tried to pass it off by putting them face down on the bottom, at a "Wynn" in quotes property. Yup. They did that.

After tasting them, Miss Monkay opined that the VegasTripping Best Pancakes In Vegas crown is now, officially, back up for grabs (and is DuPar's to lose.)

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Always thought it was overrated.

You're overrated.

Been to the Terrace Point twice. First time it was brutal, slow service, bad food. Second time it was brilliant including an awesome fresh fruit plate. Both times it wasn't cheap. Needs to be more consistent for the price.

Hate Terrace Point's food. I've eaten there twice, and it was mediocre at best (granted, the first time I ate there was about two years ago, so I can not pass judgement anytime before then).

Doesn't look burnt to me! LOL

^ learn how to cook.

It was totally burned. I know cause I needed a knife to cut through it. Generally speaking, that is a bad thing.

Many years ago this was the go to place for breakfast no matter where I was staying, but the last time the food, chicken and waffles came out cold almost as if they were sitting out for a long time. For the price and location, you expect Wynn Quality. Hopeflly Tablue hasn't been infected by this plague

This makes me sad.
We had an excellent lunch here on an unexpected visit in July. The chicken wrap had battered & fried, sliced chicken strips which made me think, "Standard fast-food technique to extend the meat portion," since I was mindful of the Harrah's/Caesars influence being inflicted by aforementioned new corporate management. But the flavor of the batter seasoning and dressing was awesome. And our waitress was great.

I guess "inconsistent" like has been said before, would be the fairest assessment. Perhaps having ordered off-menu after breakfast hours would offer some small excuse as well...? One wonders why only two of three were burnt like that. Odd.

Chuck, I think the coffee changed way back when they took out the keno. While I usually eat at Tableau for breakfast (rarely have pancakes), when I do venture out I go over to Society. Better food and service.
If one does not mind eating at the bar, then lunch at Terrace Pointe when Michelle is bartending will ensure great service and attention.

If you're staying at the Wynn, the best place for breakfast is the Peppermill which is served 24/7!

One thing that sucks about the Wynn management change is that there are still vestiges of the old, awesome Wynn around every corner. I was there about a week and a half ago with a group of friends, two of whom had never been to Vegas. They were blown away with how beautiful it is, and it really is a gorgeous space. We had drinks at Parasol Up, which was soon overrun by a group of club kids in neon green tank tops and flat brimmed hats who were stopping on their way to Surrender.

That kind of sucked, but I was reminded about the great part of Wynn on our way out the door. The same kick-ass taxi stand guy as always was calling "tax-EEEE" in his inimitable flamboyant way and doing a little dance for each car. More of that, Steve. Less Tiesto and all those other things on the billboards.

Mentioning the food at the Peppermill disqualifies you from any argument about quality food. If I want to stucco my stomach or put up some tile in my large intestine, I'll go head on over to the Peppermill for grub.

If you want a quality breakfast, go to whatever Tableau is now. Or Bouchon. Or Mon Ami Gabi. Or MOzen.

None of these places are cheap, they're all in the "$$$$" category. But Terrace Pointe is three dollar signs as it is, so what's one more for something memorable.

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