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At Your Own Risk: The Casino Royale Challenge

By Misnomer on Friday, 31st August 2012 3:55pm
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Being a Vegas junkie, I follow nearly every casino with a Twitter account, and one of the most unintentionally hilarious belongs to Casino Royale. The tiny casino is, "conveniently located across from The Mirage, between Harrah's and The Venetian." according to their website. Each day, @CasinoRoyaleLV trumpets with great pride and repetition ALL of its notable offerings.

They include one dollar Michelob bottles, $50 in free slot play, 100x craps, and a Cinnabon counter in their food court. And that's it.

Which got me thinking. During the days surrounding the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic, a number of semi-formal and completely informal gatherings typically breakout. I have an idea for a group activity. Presenting "The Casino Royale Challenge":

The Rules:

1. Participants must sign up for the $50 in free slot play, and play all $50 in the machine or machines designated by the Casino Royale promotion.

2. If the participant loses all of his or her free slot play, the participant's challenge comes to an end.

3. If, however, the participant manages to win money, the participant must spend the entirety of his or her winnings on $1 Michelobs and/or Cinnabons, which the participant must consume.

4. The participant agrees to be photographed and featured in a future VegasTripping.com article.

Simple, right? It's basically Russian Roulette with cheap beer and cinnamon rolls.

I mean, what are the chances you're going to win any money on the low odds machines designated for the free slot play? Safe play, no? Then again, what if you're the one in a million guy who wins a hundred bucks and gets to down a case and a half of Michelob and two trays of pecan sticky buns?

So what do you say? You in?

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Comments & Discussion:

This is a great idea. Since I already have a Casino Royale card, I am unfortunately ineligible.

I'm in.....

Ineligible. Freeplay spent. Meh.

I too already have the CR card and am ineligible for this. Too bad.

Bring it on bitches.

All of you can come watch and film the disastrous aftermath and upload it to YouTube.....

Sadly, the $50 is only on a promotional machine, which does not pay out unless you hit a jackpot. I got my "$50 free" and bet it down as fast as I could to join a $5 blackjack switch table (holla), however, the girl next to me hit something...that was not a jackpot...and has $2000 in promotional machine money...which doesn't cash out...poor thing.

I must admit I was once refused service at the dollar Michelob (and frozen margarita) counter because the attractive female bartender thought I was too drunk. I was so shocked that I didn't even try to explain to her my mathematical calculation of the line length and my self placement thereof. It was the most humiliating experience of my life that did not involve recording devices and a donkey.

For those that say they are unable to sign up, don't worry... Outside the main entrance there are four or five promotional machines where it's quite easy to win $50 in free play... the other side of the voucher has a two-for-one drink offer, which I normally use as I'm a cheap ass...

Sign me up... I think we should add that the winner needs to purchase at least 5 $1.99 in addition to the beer and cinnamon rolls... Just a thought!


This contest is really what makes me sad I'm missing VIMFP. :-(

My friend must be one in a million- I personally watched him win the $100 just this last 4th of July holiday. Since this challenge was not yet offered, he instead put the C note, plus another $500 of his own money back into Casino Royale machines to show his gratitude of the 'lucky' event.

Casino Royale usually allows members to qualify for a free funbook every month, previous member or not and it likely has $50 in freeplay in there as well. So all of you using that excuse to avoid the potential gluttony of michelobs and cream cheese frosting, ( make some shooters if you win, you'll likely need to if the amount is big enough).

i'm in.

go play the machines out front and you can win a voucher for $50 freeplay, it still only pays on jackpots, In my drinking days I spent a great deal of time in that casino and to my knowledge no one had EVER HIT A JACKPOT

@minton... Someone had to win! Are you saying the photos of the people holding a check on top of select machines is fake? Would Casino Royale do that? LMAO!

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