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The Remote Control Is Worse Than The Shatphone

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 17th August 2012 9:10pm
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How many times have you used the remote control in a hotel room? If you're like me, often. I use it to turn on the tv, turn on the lights, open the curtains, crank up the air conditioning and check out of the hotel.

How many times have you washed your hands after using the remote control? If you're like me, never.

Just think of the thousands of other folks who have slept in your hotel room bed, flipping around channels after a nutty adjustment, service an itch or finger banging a JV cheerleader? How often, after doing their duty, do you think they got up out of bed to wash their hands before picking up the remote again?

Yeah. Think of all the scum, germs and cum that live in the crevices of those fancy ass remotes, none of which have been cleaned properly for the ten or so years they are in service. And you thought the shat phone was bad, the remote control is even worse.

Enter Clean Remote. I stumbled across this one at a hotel in Cooperstown NY of all godforsaken places.

Clean Remote

Between the chips, the slots, the handrails, the elevator buttons, the shatphones, the cabs and the remotes it is no wonder why there is a thing called the "Vegas Flu."


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All would be wise to request this after my stays. I spend a considerable amount of my Vegas trips beating off while switching between 702 and Japanese game shows.

and not M Life TV?

Since I work in a hospital I tend to wash my hands at least 10 times a day so when I am in Vegas I usually bring or get some hand sanitizer to use. I am more concerned about wondering whether the person who had the room before me slept naked on the bed and left ass prints all over it.

meh. a little germs never killed anyone. this is one of the ways in which your body builds up immunities to germs and bacteria.

Welcome to vegas - feel free to go down on some random stranger, but don;t touch the remote!

I carry hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes with me to hotels and wipe things like the remote before I use them. But I'm nutty like that...

Don't get me started on the nasty, never-cleaned blankets!

If this really bothers you, I suggest never carrying cash, touching doorknobs, or even using your cell phone. It's a germ filled world out there....

The first thing I do upon entering a hotel room is wipe down the remote with a sani-wipe. I wipe down the tray/armrests at my airplane seat as soon as I sit down too. I don't think either ever get cleaned otherwise.

I didn't realize so much of Howie Mandel's family reads and comments on VT.

Re: @chuckmonster - Despite nearly 10 trips I've not been to an MGM hotel since Jan/2009 so I've not had the chance to Use THEmoisturizer while watching mLife tv

As long as you're not licking the remote, performing surgery in the room, or changing channels while eating popcorn with the same hand, what's the big deal? Our skin functions as a barrier so the germs can't just fly into our cells. Just make sure to wash your hands a few times per day, especially before eating, or hooking up with your JV cheerleader.

Remember back before the obsession with germs, when there was no such thing as "peanut allergies" or "gluten allergies" or "Kardashians". Let your immune system get the occasional workout, it'll serve you much better.

Why do you think I never touch someones iPhone or iPad. I use both while im sitting on the can. Let me tell you its truly a mans dream to watch Direct TV while having a bowel movement.

As the saying goes "If it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger" baby! Viva Las Vegas!

It's not really germs I'm concerned with. I just think it's gross to touch a remote after some guy ordered porn, pleasured himself and then picked it up. I don't want to touch some other guys mess whether it's germ ridden or the secret cure to cancer. The same goes for the airplane. People shovel that snack mix into their mouths and then change the tv channel on the armrest or put the tray up. Germs or not, I don't want to put my hand in a stranger's mouth. If you guys are cool with it, there's free gum under the movie seats if you want :)

I once heard an interview with a porn star who said that everything that the remote and the phone in hotel rooms both go up her hoo-ha and her ho-ho.

@joekollar +5

A friend takes one of those black light things, and looks to see all the "leftovers" in the room. Which are plenty...

Missmonkay's post makes me want to get two little dogs and name them hoo-ha and ho-ho.

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