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Caesars Palace: Welcome To NOBU's Dojo

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 16th August 2012 2:05pm
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NOBU, the delicious new seafood tower* at Caesars Palace is starting to fire up the rice steamer. They've recently launched a mini site to go with their inclusion in the Caesars Palace TV ad campaign that has been running regularly for the last year or so.

In the words of Dirk Diggler, the website is essentially a clarion call of "welcome to my dojo." Short on information, high on style and chock full of a sexy video that Aria wished their recent campaign was like.

The video features some photos of the hotel rooms which, as expected, look like a Japanese sex dojo, I know this because I live in one. The rooms were designed by David Rockwell, who is the guy we can blame for the rooms at The Cosmopolitan. Way back when, during the lead up to Cosmo's opening he stated in a Cosmopolitan promotional video that the stuff in the rooms he designs aren't sourced from design catalogs - elevating his work above all others. Little does he know that folks like us read design catalogs and we have seen a large percentage of the unique stuff he's so proud of inside said design catalogs.

Senator, I know Roger Thomas, you are no Roger Thomas. End of story.

That being said, based on the photos the rooms at NOBU look like... well, what you'd expect a bedroom above a modern sushi joint to look like.

The good news is that he didn't go for a faux shoji wall veneer, but we get the paper lanterns, low lighting, earth toned furnishings and the quasi calligraphic wall decal.

Zooming in for some detail...

This is the desk dresser combo. It doesn't appear to be functional as a desk. He must've learned his lesson as the traditional hotel room chair he was so proud of isn't in this one, instead replaced by a leather bound version of the orange stool in Cosmo's rooms. Sake service is a nice touch.

How about that view! Eeek! Secondarily - a wall to wall banquette couch? No access to the window? How many people are you planning on having over to your 350 square foot room? Designer overkill and the throw pillows are ugly.

The low lighting is stylistically Japanese, but you can pretty much forget reading the newspaper or the room service menu in bed unless they mount some cans in the ceiling, which it doesn't appear there are. Also, the clutter on the passenger nightstand.... chummy photos of besties Nobu and Robert DeNiro licking eel sauce off of each other's lapels? a framed photo of Caesars CEO Gary Loveman with his Dutch Boy haircut? Or a stack of books for sale a la Cosmopolitan?

I sincerely doubt that the tea service trays will actually be on the bed when the hotel opens, I hope they prove me wrong for a week or two. Seems like a disaster waiting to happen.... "uh housekeeping, can you send a vacuum up and new bedding? I spilled the tea service on the bed and one of the cups smashed on the wall when I flung the comforter off!"

I am intrigued by the iPad on the stand. It is high time someone got the in-room bedside control device correct, both in user experience, user interface and throughput to the myriad touch points - lamps, temperature, tv, voip telephony to hotel operations etc..

What originally seemed like a stupid idea might actually work. I'm at least a little bit more excited about Nobu now than I was before, which was zilch. I just hope they have wasabi flavored underpants in sex kit.

* This is Hunter's joke, I'm not above thievery when the grouper is this good.

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Comments & Discussion:

I like, but I'm not sure if that just comes from a comparison to the original Centurion Tower.

Ooh. Reclaimed wood nightstand. (barf)

Who in the hell would wanna stay in this room ?


Once at a party I saw a dog scoot it's ass across the beige carpet and when it was finished it left a similar effect as the wall design.

Oh, one more thing (on a less disgusting note). I've seen the bathroom on another website and I really like the japanese spa, zen aesthetic.

What do you think the sticker price will be on these rooms? Comparable to Augustus/Octavius Towers or higher?

Donnymac hits on the question that intrigues me too. My guess is they'll price it higher early and eventually it will fall under Augustus/Octavious and right above Palace tower rooms.

Looks like someone had a serious spill all over the carpet.

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