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So, Three Guys Walk Into A Picnic

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 16th August 2012 12:58pm
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...a doctor, a computer genius and a drunk. The computer genius says to the others, "Hey guys I think I got a guest for the Vegas Gang podcast at the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic."

"Neat" the doctor and the drunk say in jinx inducing unison.

"Yeah, he's pretty busy that day dealing with the grand reopening party at his property, but he's signed off and confirmed that he'll be there."

"Neat" the doctor says turning his head at the drunk who slyly slurs "$20 he doesn't show, make it $50."

"Bet!" the doctor and the computer genius exclaim, cross jinxingly.

"Computer genius, have the mystery guest send over a photo of his dog so I can write a blog announcing that he's gonna be there," the drunk quipped. "Consider it done, in the mean time why don't you do one of those THEpoll thingy's to let people guess who might be the guest at VIMFP?" "Consider it done," replied the drunk, eyeballing the doctor, whose snickers filled the room like a sub sonic evil carpet.

Yes, you pollsters got it right. Alas, the photo hasn't arrived, of the Dog or the Dude... the one and only Derek Stevens, who may or may not be one of the guys below.

Derek Stevens The D Las Vegas

We're inside of two months until our annual Vegas freak out. Won't you please join us as we have an afternoon of live podcasts courtesy of Five Hundy and Vegas Gang and some interactive madness with Stump Dr. Dave and some game show lunacy with Match Game VT... oh and you can help us drink Bally's Indigo Bar dry.

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Comments & Discussion:

..."and you can help us drink Bally's Indigo Bar dry." Kind of all over that last part.

No Rita Rudner? ;)

I hope Bally's stocks up on scotch...damn I wish October would get here...

Super-cool that Derek "gets" it and he's busting his ass to promote what he's doing.

We'll refrain from Chuck's Vegas Gang remarks that The D's renovations were not even worth blogging about (hey, you had that coming)...

In turn, I'll eat my words if the fix-up ends up a flop. But as someone who's on Fremont Street 3 times a month, you can already see and sense the momentum.

Signing off jealousy (inside joke)...

Derek has been very accommodating. It's a very busy weekend for him and he re-arranged stuff to make it work, which we very much appreciate.

That said, I think some on the panel are still not convinced about some of his plans and as such, it should be a very interesting conversation, which of course will be respectful.

Really looking forward to it.

It was a good get, as he really does want to get the word out about both properties and sees the value of being interviewed by some of the various podcasts as a well to get the message out.

When you consider the speed at which they completed the expansion and renovations at the Golden Gate, I think that they'll make damn sure that The D is ready to go for the grand opening. The Golden Gate is sold out for 10/12 and 10/13 and The D is sold out for 10/12-10/14, so they're definitely expecting a lot of friends for the festivities.

I'm planning on spending some of Thursday prior to VIMFP on Fremont Street and I'm sure they'll be cutting it pretty close.

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