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Four Seasons Renovations Unveiled

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 6th August 2012 5:17pm
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Speaking of Mandalay Bay's tenants, the Four Seasons posted some images of its the hotel renovations we told you about in March.

The rooms look pretty spiffy, even if the photos were taken with a Blackberry.

Is that a Fender Rhodes 73 or a desk? Shame the bathrooms still look like shit.

The rooms will be ready for New Years Eve 2013.

Big thanks to Kagehitokiri for another great FS tip!


Comments & Discussion:

These rooms were made for a three-way.

All these renovations seem like insults to the general consumer. I can see short cuts taken everywhere and the Design principles like color, interior plants and scale are non-existent. Flamingo's FAB rooms are a perfect example. Lipstick on a pig. :(

Ugh. Marie Antoinette would feel right at home here.

Looks like leftover furnitures and wallpaper from the Bellagio renovation.

GROSS. I just noticed they're colliding rust and purple together. What the F*CK Season does that represent?!

I hardly think you can compare the quality of the refreshed FAB rooms at the Dirty bird with the Four Seasons renovation. Maybe they could have done more but at least they replaced the furniture.

Am I horrible for liking how the new rooms look?

The Four Seasons was greatly in need of this renovation, and it needed to be brought up to a level where it can compete with the Mandarin Oriental.

I think it works well. Mandarin = modern-like-you-wouldn't-believe, high tech, relatively darkish color palate with clean lines. Four Seasons = classic western luxury, lighter color palate with a lot of embellishment. The two products are nicely differentiated from each other.

I should also add that what makes a Four Seasons good is the service. I've stayed at the Beverly Wilshire (a Four Seasons managed hotel), and whilst that hotel is EXTREMELY in need of a renovation (you still get internet via the television-and-keyboard) thing), the service was extremely friendly and professional without descending into the kind of exaggerated grovelling you get at The Peninsula in Hong Kong (the Peninsula in Beverly Hills isn't nearly as grovelly, thankfully... don't get me wrong, the Pen HK has amazingly personalized service, just the way it is delivered makes me feel like a guilty colonial overlord).

Sure, the bathroom renovation wasn't that extensive (same benchtops but they changed the light fixtures, the mirror, the faucets, maybe the wallpaper and art)... but this renovation was sorely needed, looks good, and in my opinion provides a good contrast from Mandarin Oriental.

Also, above someone said this looks like leftovers from the Bellagio renovation... I disagree. This renovation wouldn't be good for Bellagio... this renovation looks more French-ish than Italian, IMO.

^Yep. Also, as previously stated, this room would be fabulous for myself, Marie Antoinette and one of her hot cousins.

If I were in charge of google+, it wouldn't be +1. It would be +JohnD.

Somehow the picture suggests that all guests should get a free powdered wig and a fake beauty mark.

Isn't that Robert Deniro's bedroom from the movie ' CASINO ' ?

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