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What Has One Mouth Filled With Feet And Is The Best Blog Site On The Internets?

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 26th July 2012 3:28pm
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Today, Vegas Seven announced honorees in their annual "Best of The City" awards, which include ~15 or so winners in six major categories. I'm incredibly proud to announce to y'all that they have named VegasTripping as Best Blog Site.

Even though they mention me in the blurb, this award is really about the great community we have here. The honors go to the top secret tipsters, loose lipped industry insiders, long time readers, VT newbs in the peanut gallery PLUS the incredible, undeniable, awesomeness of uber goofball Misnomer, the sharp tongued invective of JohnH, precision camera work and amazing architectural observations of Blackjacker1979, luxurious lamentations on deliciousness by MikeE and the strategic insight of Mrs. Monkay Monster.

I really fucking hope there is an awards ceremony. With an open bar. And I can invite everybody. And make a speech.

Thank you Vegas Seven. Thank you Las Vegans. Thank you Trippers!

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Well deserved. Congratulations to the VT crew.


Congrats, and well-deserved. There's an ad for a "Best of the City Party" on the page after the awards section: Aug. 3, Foundation Room, 9-11 p.m. Not much notice for the out-of-towners, but it's something. I think you should write an acceptance speech, while drunk, so we can at least hear what you would have said.


Mr. Roeben,

Is that party open invite or invitation only? I actually will be in town that night and might stop by seeing as how they gave us this awesome honor.


A well deserved congratulations to all!


Congratulations on the nomination! You would absolutely be the winner if I was judging this!

indeed a harumph to the gov of vt that is teh chuckmonster.

@bklyn2la This isn't a nomination, VegasTripping won the category.

Oops.Thank you Vespajet,I read it too fast the first time! Congratulations on Winning Best Blog Site VegasTripping! Very well deserved.

Congrats on the win. Well deserved! I did catch "the fix was in" tag. Is that an inside joke or am I missing the obvious?

^^^is Teddy a little jealous?

@MeltYrselfDown Given that I blog about twice a month (my newsletter rantings not included), I'd never even be in the running. Per jealousy... let's see: I make a good full time living working a 25 hour week in an industry that I adore and have total access to every amazing thing this town offers anytime I want. And have for 15 years now.

Just what the hell do I have to be jealous of? I'm guessing that I wouldn't want to be trading places with you anytime soon (if you want to get into a pissing match)...

Chuck is the best read Las Vegas blogger, and I'm congratulating him as I know the hard work that goes into VT, especially since he's pulling it off from out-of-town and doing it in an anti-corporate manner (IE, taking the toughest road and still doing very well). If this business was a cake-walk, everybody would be doing it. Let's see you try.

I simply thought that I missed an inside joke! I've never been the brightest bulb and have been known to have things go over my head from time-to-time...

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