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Sayonara Harmon!

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 19th July 2012 3:19pm
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A Las Vegas judge today gave MGM Resorts International the ok to scatter, shutter and smother CityCenter's defective Harmon Hotel. MGM is planning on demolishing their mistake in six months.

8 News Now has all the details from the court hearing.

Curious what the inside looks like? You're in luck, VegasTripping obtained photos of the interior of Harmon Hotel earlier this year.

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Comments & Discussion:

I wonder what is going to go in its place. Let's start a poll!

Public bathrooms and bidets!!!!

Perini is appealing to the State Supreme Court.

Hopefully they'll replace it with something more interesting than a Crystals addition. Maybe something like, uh, green space - like in every "real" city center.

They're putting a ticket booth in its place, Murren figures if people are willing to re-enact the Bataan Death March by walking through Crystals, he should be charging them for it.

Harmon will come out the other side as Nomrah - an uber-luxury modern ultralounge serving asian fusion and edible cocktails.

"we now must spend $30 million to demolish a defect-riddled building that we spent $275 million to construct."

That really made me laugh for some reason.

World's Largest Sugar Factory

On a more serious note, please please please please post if anyone finds out a date for the demolition. I'd make the trip for that. I got to see the Sands in Atlantic City blown up and it was an amazing experience. Seeing it on the Strip would be that much more awesome.

Implosion or dismantle?
+1 Sandy
Maybe they will put something there that resembles Vegas.

Are they going to wrap it in a bag then smash the glass in as many pieces as they can? If so can I get a piece? As for what will go in it's place how about a tree or a rotating statue of Kirk Kerkorian.

As a big fan of Norman Foster, I shall mourn.

That said, they should replace it with an Entrance Plaza type place to funnel people into Crystals and Aria.

I heard they were putting in the front end of the teleportation machine. Thank goodness we won\'t have to take the labyrinth, er, Crystals back to Aria anymore!

They really should turn it into a "grand" entrance for Aria.. Maybe a park area with escalators leading to the lobby area where the pocket park and the registration desk meet.

^ I agree.

This'll give them the much needed opportunity to extend Crystals out all the way to Cosmo. That way, people can be entertained by the additional mazes.

I was told that there was a single guy who was hired and told by one of Perrini's subcontractors to cut the rebar in each floor where it connects to the wall, and he kept doing it for several weeks and months until a city inspector saw him doing it and asked what the heck he was doing since he was destroying the integrity of the structure. Needless to say he cut out many floors. Anyways, the whole building gets condemned because of the orders of a subcontractor and one guy doing the cutting! That's a whole $275 million down the tube! That's one for the records. Perrini wasn't aware what was going on until the city inspector cited them.

Trebuchet catapult to the Aria entrance?

Place your bets for what goes in that space

1,000,000:1 a new condo building
200:1 New sales office for Veer
33:1 Bar
14:1 Jabawokeez
1:1 Walgreens

Move the canoes out front. Let's go full stupid.

^ does anyone else wish V.T. Had "like" buttons?

Before y'all get your hopes up for an implosion, I'd put the odds at that happening as very very low. I did a bit of playing around to see how it would work, the fact is that the Harmon podium is integral to a large portion of Crystals. If it came down, so would a good chunk of Crystals retail. As well they'd only be able to drop the building down towards the port cochere that was made for it, and the chance of an error leading to it taking out part of Cosmopolitan would be something I'm sure DB would sue over.

I'd say we're much more likely to look at a nice slow controlled dismantling than an implosion, but who knows, there's always that 1 in a thousand chance.

"...the Harmon podium is integral to a large portion of Crystals."

Damn, then an extension of Crystals is more likely. Damn.

With them now constructing the new strip-side marquee, whatever will replace the Harmon will have to fit into the footprint that is there and be incorporated into the pedestrian bridges.

Nothing! that is what will be put in the place of Harmon. Nothing at all.

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