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Forever Gonzo: The Pass Line

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 18th July 2012 4:52pm
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Forever Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson 75th Birthday Celebration

The great dividing line. Us and them. Whether you know it or not, you fall on one side of the line or the other. Often by nature, occasionally by nurture. Either you see the world as it is presented to you or you see the world as it is.

On their side, those who perpetuate bullshit for selfish reasons. Hell's Angels, Richard Nixon, Robin Leach, * Kardashian, Rupert Murdoch, Sam Nazarian, the Las Vegas PR machine, corporate owned content farm blogs and glossy paged poopcannons. They work in concert with each other to farm and feed nonsense to the unsuspecting, the gullible, the sheep who gleefully pay a perpetual subscription 1 for the privilege of being slaughtered.

On our side, the rest of the world. The aware. The conscious. Searchers of all that is righteous and varnish free. There truly is no substitute for having an adroitly squeegeed third eye, achieved effectively through intense meditation, exposure to transcendental music, film, art or food, or fearlessly traversing the neon jungles of innerspace via heroic doses of chemical or organic psychedelics.2

Can you really take bottle service, adjective fueled press releases or celebrity sighting reportage even slightly seriously after staring into the eternal gaze of the universe (aka "God") and sharing with it a mind-melting conversation about eggs being the perfect food, Picasso the perfect painter, and the solemn truth that Jimi Hendrix was the greatest musician to ever walk this plane of the universe?

Absolutely fucking not.

Them or us. They wallpaper the world with bullshit. We wallpaper the world with insanity.

"I'm sorry," Mike E said, holding his face with both hands, slightly hunched over in the Encore Esplanade.

"For what?" I replied.

"For everything," Mike yelped as the reddening of his face transformed his penance into a snickering laughter that suddenly started to sprout golden baby tears. Not tears of joy or sadness, but tears from the edge. Mike had gone over, certainly not the first time, and definitely not the first time in Vegas, but the first time I had seen it. He was gone. Lost in a state of bliss, transmogrified from the mild mannered, witty, perfect-guest-at-a-cocktail-party, dashing self into a slushbucket of tangential thoughts, non-sequitirs wrapped in a budding messiah glow. If Mike were soliciting baptisims for a new religion of his creation, mine would have been the first soul saved.3 However in this scenario, it was he who was asking for forgiveness. Blessed are those who have a screw loose, as are those who have the foresight to scour for it in a friend's arm hair.

Life squandered, life lived in fear, life, life lived well, life lived to the edge, life unbounded. A myriad gradations from dull gray to firey reds oranges and blues which reveals a cogent argument why vegetarians deserve scorn, even if I occasionally am one. If you think seven, the seven comes, don't stack your odds with fear. Besides, what else are you gonna do with that pastrami?

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!"

This, is Vegas tripping. Bet the chips and throw the dice. Here, now, there.......

Forever Gonzo.

1. Plus resort fee.
2. Amongst other methods.
3. Dunked in Grey Goose.

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Comments & Discussion:

How's this for a connection? I first read that last blockquote in the home office of Mel Larson, former PR guy for...Circus Circus.

Great writing.

"The only performance that makes it, that makes it all the way, is the one that achieves madness..." Mick Jagger in "Performance." Also applicable elsewhere.

Thanks for the look at the method to the madness. You're an unquestionalble enigma to many in the business here in town. Build a killer Vegas website, refuse to monitize it (to the serious level you could), and be 100% free-wheeling in commenting on anything and everything that comes to the top of mind without regard to what the average visitor is interested in. And make a living at it.

It is a hell of a vision that could not have been cooked up in Clark County, and you never fail to keep us entertained.

I do agree with Dr. Dave's article in Vegas 7: This city is all things to all people. "Those looking to find debauchery find debauchery. Business travelers looking to do business do business..." While VT is the Gonzo philosophy of how one person sees it, those of us in the tourist media must be the line-cook chef. Serving up every dish on the menu in an enticing way to the person ordering it. And you know what? This is Las Vegas. Just about everything on the menu is damn good. So I'm not apoliging for hyping it all. If it sucked, we wouldn't have the return visitor rate we enjoy.

But for your goal of "stream of consciousness" blogging, you've got the entire industry reading. It's working.

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