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Forever Gonzo: Hot Damn, You've Got Action!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 18th July 2012 12:21am
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Forever Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson 75th Birthday Celebration

Some of you vintage VT readers may remember my dear friend Jesse Jarnow. In addition to gracing my life with 20+ years of rock solid friendship, his writing graces the pages of the Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Signal To Noise, Salon.com and at least one hundred and thirty seven thousand other magazines, newspapers and websites, including this one. I stand by my assertion that Jesse's heartfelt remembrance of Dr. Thompson shortly after his death might very well be one of the the pieces of writing VT has ever been lucky enough to publish.

Jesse has also got a brand new book on the racks entitled Big Day Coming, Yo La Tengo and The Rise of Indie Rock which traces the intertwined histories of the creation of the indie rock roadmap and the rise of Hoboken's finest, Yo La Tengo. Big Day Coming is essential reading for anyone with a taste for YLT and everyone whose ever published a 'zine, plundered the racks of indie record stores in search of obscure 7" records.

To say I love this guy is the understatement of the century. He and I go together like words and music. One day, I'll have to tell you the the story of how a discussion he and I had at the Circus Circus buffet played a part in breaking up Vermont's finest rock band, Phish. True story. Very funny. Charlie Rose is in it.

In addition to being incredibly awesome, our man JJ was once given the assignment to interview Dr. Hunter S. Thompson for hippie stalwart Relix Magazine, building a single step of separation between me and the good Doctor. This interview is more than a simple question and answer, but a full throttle burn into the heart and mind of the myth. As essential as anything you'll ever read on Dr. Thompson, anywhere. We'll get you started, but you'll have to jump to Relix for the truly insane parts.

Hunter S. Thompson's eyes lit up when he saw the fireworks. "Hot damn, you've got Action!" he said, fondling the tightly packing bomb, running his fingers down its elegant spine-fuse and around its bulbous body. "This is real good shit. Real good." Owing to the agreeable weather and it being the Chinese New Year and all, I'd suggested that we hop a cab over to Central Park and set off some fireworks.

Thompson pondered this and placed the firework on the car, amidst the slowly accumulating clutter between drink tumblers: two pairs of eyeglasses (one reading, one tinted), cigarettes (one half-smoked and burning, one mostly pull pack of Dunhill's), an ugly brown cigarette holder (retrieved for him by his assistant, Anita, after he let forth a high-pitched squeal), a round plastic receptacle containing a white powder (ingested orally through a short sipping straw), several lighters (though he later pilfered my associate's), and a copy of his new book, a memoir titled Kingdom of Fear (presented to Kevin, the bartender at Elaine's, a New York City hangout for cops, writers and unrepentant smokers).

Run, don't walk, your fingers to click this link that will bring you to the rest of the interview.

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