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Climaxx Got a New Name and The Name of The New Name is

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 17th July 2012 1:44pm
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The on again, off again, nightclub saga in the former Alex nightclub space is now back on.

After touting, trademarking and hyping "Climaxx" as the name for the nightclub to move into Wynn's sexy sunken Michelin starred space, the powers that be decided to pull the plug on the project, claiming "soundproofing issues."

Or, they listened to the outcrying of public dissent which uniformly agreed with our assertion that "Climaxx" is not only obvious, but stupid, and tacky, and devoid of class.

Wynn Climaxx has got a new name and the name of its new name is....


Oh, just joking... really, the new name is:


Third time is a charm, stooge. Now we're not kidding:


Eons better than Climaxx.... Canvas!

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Comments & Discussion:

Much, much better.


When I hear "Canvas", I think of tents, sails and parachutes, not a club (Unless they're going for a nautical or outdoors theme).

canv.as aka the safe for work 4chan.

"Canvas" is an elegant name. Perfect for Wynn. Don't know whether I should think about painting canvas or sailing canvas. Either way, it fits (the old) Wynn image.

Much, much better than BURLAP.


Boss Tweed also would have fit Wynn.

They really could just use any random one word and name the club that. The only thing that matters about the name is if the clubbers can easily say it when drunk.

If Canvas also turns out to be the new name for IP, that'll be pretty embarrassing.

When did it become so difficult to come up with creative names for projects like this?

Unless the club has some sort of art theme, it doesn't make any more sense than climax(x).

They're going to canvass Las Vegas with ads for Canvas.

I don't know why they bother naming nightclubs at Wynn anymore. The entire place is a nightclub.

Having body-painted go-go dancers is a no brainer here. If they don't do it, they're just Tao.

Tarpaulin sounded too exotic?

So...does El Steve throw an elbow throguh this one to?

Canvas? Someone got paid for coming up with that name? Do the customers get a free drop cloth when they pass the bouncers?

They could have at least spelled it Canva$...or, better yet, Canvass.

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