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That Moment When M Life Said YOU Owed THEM Money

By Blackjacker1979 on Monday, 16th July 2012 7:39pm
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The lovely thing we've all been touting about Mlife is the way you earn credits and comps. Earn and spend through play, hotel, dining and BOOM! - tier credits, tier changes, and ExpressComps are neatly shown on your Mlife.com homepage in almost real time. Well, times up folks, MGM's doing some housekeeping.

As of today, after spending a lengthy two week stint followed by yet another week in Vegas, mostly gaming (a lot) at MGM properties, I return home to discover that an account I zeroed out on comps has gone zombie, eating up nearly $300 dollars in comps that Mlife now figures I OWE them in play. That's right, I owe them against a negative comp balance.

For the record, I was quite diligent. When I checked out, rather than trusting Mlife's ongoing failure of a website, I physically called the hosts office who verified my comp balance and offered to add more on the house due to my play. I figured that at the very least we - the host office and my comp balance - were calling it square. With this in mind, I hit the tables before departure to start up a new balance for the future.

According to an Mlife rep at Aria, there has been an internal audit of comp balances and I'm not the only player who is dealing with this issue of negative comp balances. The MLife rep blames shoddy accounting, which is corporate speak for "Our employees are too lazy to property record transactions." Nonetheless, it's bullshit. If you're spending that much time offering up shitty healthy meal for your employees to laugh at (yes I'm talking about you, Jim's Plate) then you can take the time to assure your players you're not trying to screw with their comps with utter employee incompetence.

In the meantime, I guess my play at VIMFP will go towards my back balance owed to MGM's auditing monster. Next thing you know they'll come after me for my student loans too.

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My express comps changed overnight due to the same audit. M Life claimed I cashed in some express comps back in October 2011, but I've been saving my comps so I knew this wasn't true. An email and a couple of days later, my express comp balance is back where it should be.

A call to Mlife at Aria, a response by Mlife via twitter, and nothing. All requests to have someone call me back at this point have been ignored.

Unbelievable. Fix the employee problems going forward, and in a way that doesn't alienate your most valuable customers. Oh, and fix the website.

We've passed the point with MGM that I feel like we could appoint Chuck, blackjacker, and misnomer as CEO, COO, and CIO and the company's stock price would double overnight.

We passes the point where they could appoint a gorilla, a chimpanzee, and an orangutang as CEO, COO, and CIO and the stock price would double overnight. Having competent people up there should do even more.

I just checked online, and my Express Comp balance has dropped by about $200. Rather than dive into the black hole that is the email and phone call runaround, I'm going to ask about it in person when I'm there in a week.

Is the paperboy from "Better Off Dead" going to come around to demand the money?

Just pay 'em what you owe and be done with it, you comp-abusing sob blackjacker1979!

Seriously though, this probably would have been better to bite the bullet, leave everyone's balances as is, and from now on recalculate their formula from here on out. The internal audit should have remained internal and not affected customer accounts. This is terrible pr and is only going to convince more customers to jump ship to other comp clubs.

Wow, I was just there a week ago, earned and used 78 in Express and another 129 on top of that and now mLife shows I am.... 47 cents negative. LOL

What a load of wankers.

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