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First Renderings Of The New Imperial Palace aka The Quad

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 9th July 2012 4:17pm
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Much like they did when deciding whether or not it was a good idea to convert Bill's into a boutique Drai's hotel, Caesars Entertainment has been asking a select group of their customers questions about a potential new name/brand for Imperial Palace.

The most recent name they've been offing up to for market research is The Quad.

This new casino is home to a unique and diverse collection of restaurants, bars, and entertainment experiences that welcome everyone. Guests can fill up on food with a twist, at their choice of lively dining establishments and experience even more entertainment on the casino floor, where one-of-a-kind dealertainers steal the show [And your chips - Ed]. And with its prime location in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, guests of this new casino can see, do and share even more as they explore the destination for socializing, for energizing and for orchestrating a complete Las Vegas experience.

They tacked on some renderings of the proposed new casino The Quad as well.

The Quad Las Vegas

Open, spacious, modern, earthy, neon. This looks great.

The Quad Las Vegas

A bar. Perhaps this is the new O'Sheas?

The Quad Las Vegas

Alternate view of the same bar... with Beer Pong.

The Quad Las Vegas

This is definitely the Imperial Palace's coffered ceiling woodwork, minus the asian filigree. That rainbow fish looking thing could be a bar or a lounge. I'll bet the colors change over time. Looks like an 8-5 pay table from here.

The Quad Las Vegas

The Rainbow Fish bar again, with bar top vp. Hey baby, can I push your stool in?

A quick search of secondary sources reveals that THEQUADLV.com domain name is owned by Centra Properties, a property developer based in Henderson, NV, unrelated to Caesars Entertainment who registered it over a year ago. Additionally, USPTO trademark search reveals the name "The Quad" was submitted by Caesars Entertainment in the middle of June.

The Quad. Not really sure what to make of that name or the generic casino designs contained therein. It doesn't really mean anything... not that "SLS" or "Vdara" do either, but....

The good news is that Caesars Entertainment most likely won't be sending us a caese and desist order.

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Comments & Discussion:

Pride Fish? Stool-pushing? Cheeky!

Looks like Aria and the PHo got together...

Looks like a boring Sims game. Wait, we can market that to EA...SimsVegas! You could build casinos, overpriced shopping malls, strip clubs, the works!

Any estimate of a completion date?

Just noticed the carpet print in front of the fish bar... are those the 70's gender symbols for "female" intertwined? THAT is cheeky.

"Quad" sounds kind of Ivy League to me.


@stevie i would assume along with the rest of the linq - mid 2013. they're already going gangbusters on the interior of IP.

The Quad sounds like the name of a sports bar at a casino, not a casino-hotel.

The second photo is indeed the new O'Sheas. It has been floating around for a while. If that is what the new O'Sheas is going to look like, just forget about having an O'Sheas. Or let us sneak in there with some green spray paint and a bag of cigarette ashes and work it over until it looks like O'Sheas should look.

The Quad may just take the cake as the most stupid hotel name ever for Las Vegas (and that is saying something). The Quad sounds like a college student union center (reference http://tour.ua.edu/tourstops/quad.html ), not a gaming hotel.

thanks for sharing. ideally the renovation being somewhat modest in certain areas will allow TheQuad(look, it stuck)/Osheas to remain a working class draw. i mean, surely I'm not looking at renderings of "High Limit Beer Pong".

i like where this is going. Flamingo is being geared towards 40ish jimmy buffet fans (i.e. professional drinkers). The Quad seems to be aiming for...something similar(?) I'm sensing they are hoping Linq will be the vibrant rowdy heartbeat of CET's busy corner. Makes sense to me.

I've said it here before...I'll say it again... I think there's a chance that some part of Linq will be the first time a main stream, on strip property courts the GLBT market openly. The "rainbow" fish is probably a lazy designer using a pre-progammed feature of the rendering software to indicate a wall of changing LEDs. The carpet was probably just chosen from a pull-down menu in the same software. Or, maybe not?

Anyway, I'm not saying The Quad is going to be "flaming" but, maybe, at least a little "don't ask, don't tell!"

Unless me and my dog can play some frisbee in the middle of the casino floor, I think "The Quad" is a bad name.

Looks like every other casino boring rendering being floated nation wide like in MA, Ohio, Penn... I miss the themed Vegas...

IT doesn't look great but it doesn't look that bad either. It could be way worse. It doesn't look like it completely gears toward douchebags. If they could keep the vibe laid back and remodel the rooms something on the Eastside Cannery level (think Holiday Inn level) it could really work. Oh and never have a dayclub pool club. Save it.

@sperman - holy shit, i thought you were dead! welcome back buddy!

I miss you too Chuck!!! I've been down a rough patch here. Built a house, started a new job, got married, my father passed, 2 other family deaths and then, got divorced all in 3yrs... I'm happy to be back!!!

sending you a hug pal. hope you can make it to VIMFP!

The Quad - brings back memories of stumbling through the U of I campus with a couple buddies after another party. It reminds me of college glory days which is normally a good thing,...BUT this is supposed to be a fucking casino.

The Quad, beer pong....this place is gonna need an NCAA team shop. Or maybe a Frisbee Golf course.

@vinnievegas Oskee Wow Wow!

Wow, those renderings feature more white folks than a Vampire Weekend concert.

"The Quad".....really? Isn;t that where underage kids go to get plastered on campus? great name for a casino/hotel/thing. Talk about sheer hackery, ugh.

"what should we do tonight?"

"Let's go check out THE QUAD!"

Uh, yeah...that's not something I would ever say in Vegas. As usual, CET and Loveman fall flat on their faces.

"Guests can fill up on food.. "

I'm picturing Horseshoe(tm) inspired feed bags. Or maybe a Charlotte's Web slop trough if they want to gussy it up with literary intonations.

I remember wandering theu the quad when i went to northern illinois university years ago and not once did I think 'wow, this would be a good name for a place in Vegas'. It looks interesting but the name doesn't fit at all.

The Quad? Shirley you jest. Blindingly stupid. Has Vegas finally run out of ideas?

Looking at the drawings all I can think is "Holiday Inn," but I think that's already taken. How about "Vanilla Hall?"

I'd prefer 3535 over the Quad, although I'm still partial to Dr. Dave's suggestion of reusing Flamingo Capri.

people used to making the Walk of Shame through the Quad in their college days will feel right at home after a night of vegas tomfoolery.

Just received an email questionnaire. It has some horrible description about a possible new hotel named Hotel 3535. What did I think of the name? What does it mean to me? Then it showed the above pictures.
Have the 'minds' at Harrah's completely lost their minds?

No what it means that creative hotel names are getting harder and harder to come up with in this day in age. With so many folks applying for trademarks and copyrights on possible casino names as well as registering for web domain names in order to potentially get a casino company to pay them for it (I know this isn't the reason behind Chuck's registering of horseshoelasvegas.com, as it's more of a thumbing of the nose/parody aimed at Caesars [much like his infamous Wynncore.com website].). In some cases, there might be a name that doesn't have a live trademark/copyright registered with the USPTO, but all possible variations of a website name may been taken by possible cybersquatters.

What's interesting is that there is an old Vegas casino name that is not currently trademarked and variations of the name are available as domain names. Hey Caesars, call the place The Mint Hotel & Casino, as the trademark is available and the domain names minthotellasvegas.com and mintlasvegas.com are available (That is if one of us nuts doesn't buy them first.).

I too just got a survey asking my thoughts about the name 'Hotel 3535' and it showed the same pictures as shown above.

@vespajet raises an interesting question... if binions bought the mint hotel, and harrah's bought binions' assets minus the binions name and the hotel proper, that would probably mean that harrah's (now caesars) owns the Mint intellectual property. Theoretically.

i've always wanted to go dumpster diving for old logo marks to see which ones are expired and available for renewal with the hope of opening a gift shop full of retro casino gear.

My wife and I both received these surveys on the 11th, she got The Quad and I got 3535. We both agreed that these names suck, but we would be more inclined to go to Hotel3535 over The Quad. "Come stay at the Quad, the best dormitory in Vegas!".

I like Flamingo Capri or the Mint as well... or how about "The Capri Hotel and Casino"??

All this college talk about "The Quad" makes me think they're trying to appeal to the crowd devastated by the closing of O'Sheas. Let's face it, the place was a 24 hour frat party. Maybe that's what they're picking up on.

Also, anyone decrying the loss of themed casinos on the Strip is missing the point. Every casino, for that matter every hotel, is themed. Some are just more subtle about it than others. I much prefer the Cosmopolitan theme of contemporary urban sophistication than the Bellagio's of 19th century Italian circus. There's going to be a unifying theme at whatever replaces the Imperial Palace. Hopefully it will be a theme forward looking enough that it won't be dated within a decade.

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