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Venetian: Grazie Loosens The Purse Strings

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 20th June 2012 3:39pm
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VT staffer blackjacker1979 brought his latest Grazie mailer to the office the other day to prove to us that the Venetian/Palazzo has finally loosened up the purse strings on their comp offers.

A little back story tho... Blackjacker plays serious blackjack. Serious enough to have recently won a trophy for impacting the bottom line of a number of Las Vegas corporations with his tremendous skill. He gets comps. He knows comps. He surfed comps in Vegas for 29 straight days before finally deciding to come home.

The folks at Grazie, knowing full well his level of play, have sent him an offer that promises not just a getaway... but a giveaway. And what are they giving?

Venetian Comp Coaster

A pair of Venetian/Palazzo branded cork coasters for his home bar.

Venetian Comp Coaster

Note to Grazie: don't send high rollers shit that should be free in a Fun Book.

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Comments & Discussion:

Motherfuckers...that's weapons grade shitified.


What's their next promo, a logo'd super shammy?

Adelson gives millions away to Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney but gives cork coasters as comps? Another reason to avoid his hotels.

Wow, that's "Blizted in a bad Jersey Shore bar giveaway" level shitty.

I will trade you a fleece blanket I got from a Venetian offer. It looks nice but is essentially unusable because it sheds all over everything.

It is always a hassle to sort the mass-market promos from your player offers. I sometimes get 3-4 emails a week from a single property. Each is sent from a different department email list with varying rates. More than once, I have booked an offer only to get an email the following day with a much better rate.

The worst part is how much I love this bi-casino area. It literally has everything I want in a casino...except for comps.

Ooo-wee, that's some faaaaanCY stuff right there!

Seriously, Venetian? El Cortez hands out better swag on a decent jackpot hit.

That just confirms why I haven't ventured into the MEGACENTER(TM) since the first year Palazzo opened. And, then, it was just out of curiosity. And, my friend needed to take a dump.

I got an ugly baseball cap and mug with my last stay which I left as part of my tip for housekeeping! I hate to admit it because Sheldon's politics are so disgusting, but the Palazzo/Venetian rooms are my fave!

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