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VegasEats: Hyakumi at Caesars Palace

By MissMonkay on Wednesday, 20th June 2012 2:12pm
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Caesars Hyakumi Sticks

We have a running contest when driving to Vegas, the first one to spot a Vegas casino related billboard advertisement gets to pick where we have dinner on arrival day. Chuck spotted a Hooters billboard in Victorville, so he earned the right to choose. He picked RAOs. You'll notice that this is a review of Hyakumi. Chuck is a pushover and I do the pushing.

I wanted to keep our options to the closest restaurants on hand as we did not want to get sucked into wandering around the Forum Shops. This left me with the option of Central, Beijing Noodle No. 9, Hyakumi, Chuck's choice RAOs, MESA Grill, Bradley Ogden and Old Homestead Steakhouse.

Hyakumi won, if for nothing else than I felt like having a nice piece of fish and not wanting to give Bobby Flay any of my money.

Caesars Hyakumi Menu

Getting table was as easy as walking up to the hostess, where I was asked if I had a Total Rewards card. Each menu item has two prices listed - one for Total Rewards members and one for non-members. The price difference is minimal - $1 to $2 dollars, but an interesting tactic nonetheless.

Caesars Hyakumi Tr Pricing

I ordered a pickle roll to start and added a miso soup after learning that it wasn't included as is custom in Japanese restaurants.

Caesars Hyakumi Sushi

Note: pickle roll was inhaled before photo could be taken

The pickle roll was as expected, some Japanese pickles rolled in rice and seaweed. The miso soup was traditional but overpriced at $5 for a teeny cup.

Caesars Hyakumi Cod

For a main course, I selected the Baked Black Cod with Sweet Miso and Chuck got the Sea Bass Teriyaki.

When the cod arrived, I was shocked at the portion size. I know the Japanese are not known for serving up large hunks of anything, but this was ridiculous. I eyeballed my fish to weigh in at about 1.5 oz. Teeny tiny. That said, it was tasty with a delicate miso flavor and beautifully cooked, keeping it nice and tender. No complaints on flavor.

Caesars Hyakumi Seabass

Chuck's sea bass, on the other hand, was a much better sized portion. The fish was moist and the teriyaki sauce was not that thick/sticky stuff that comes from your average teriyaki joint, this sauce was thin, but full of yummy teriyaki flavor. He had to pick out a few bones, but was cooked and seasoned perfectly.

In the end we skipped dessert and got the bill. We were pleasantly surprised to see they gave us the Total Rewards discount even though we had forgotten our cards. The service was mostly attentive and we only found ourselves waiting for the server when trying to pay. Overall, a nice meal, but at $79 - with no drinks - seemed a little on the pricey side, especially when having to pay for things one would expect to be normally included in a Japanese meal.

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Comments & Discussion:

With Nobu on the way, Hyakumi probably doesn't have a very long live expectancy.

It makes you wonder how overpriced their teppanyaki offerings are based on this. I wouldn't be surprised if they close once Nobu opens up as it really wouldn't make sense to have two Japanese restaurants even though one is upscale (Nobu) and the other casual. Then again, they do have two Chinese restaurants, one casual (Beijing Noodle #9) and upscale (Empress Court).

I looked at their menu prior to my December trip since I was staying at Caesars and it really didn't interest me at all.

Scratch Hyakumi from my list for next week. Sushi Roku in the Forum shops or Yellowtail in Bellagio are better choices.

You can also skip Japonais in the Mirage. It used to be good, but has really gone downhill.

The Total Rewards discount is interesting but that's a high price for not much food. I will give the place high points for presentation.

Eighty bucks? Fuck, I thought Japanese was expensive in DC. For 80 bucks two peoplw could dine on a feast with drinks and tip.

Shoudl have gone to Central. Michel Richard is always good for a great meal at least.

Thanks, Miss Monkay. Cool game, too.

Nice to hear from MissMonkay!

...and I'm glad Chuck was cooked and seasoned perfectly. Monster Teriyaki, mmm....

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