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Imperial Palace: The End Of An Empire

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 18th June 2012 3:33pm
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IMperial Palace Final Edition Casino Chips

This is the final edition of the Imperial Palace casino chip. Just as funky and weird as the day it opened. This chip was plucked from a recent shipment which was designed to last the property until the name is changed later this year.

IF.... they can figure out what to call it.

While a majority of the public thinks that a high horsepower rethinking of the Horseshoe brand would lend itself perfectly to the down and dirty vibes of a slightly renovated Imperial Palace, Caesars Entertainment top brass disagree. Truth be told, they are completely bereft of ideas on what to call the reborn Imperial Palace.

No, really, they're have no ideas. In fact, they recently crowd sourced ideas for a new name via a contest open to Imperial Palace's employees.

This leads me to believe that Caesars corporate might be filled with a slew of "yes men" for whom going along and getting along is more important than having and executing on some fresh ideas. They could call it Zdebgav for Pete's sake... it doesn't really matter.

Being that the VT peanut gallery has no problem in the idea department, how about we give the Caesars boys some ideas about what to name their new property. I'll go first:

Kamp Koval
Mademoiselle of Las Vegas
Horseshoe Las Vegas, ya dummies!

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Comments & Discussion:

Love(man) Shack - would barely need any work since its a shack right now, also comes with a theme song

Emperor Wang's Impotent Palace....

To be honest, you would think that there are enough brain cells in the Borg Collective that is Caesars Entertainment to come up with a new name for the Imperial Palace without having to resort to employee suggestions. What's next, asking the public to submit names as is the hotel was an expansion team in a sports league?

If they're not going to call it the Horseshoe, then whatever name they come up with better be freaking off the charts awesome. Watch them rename it the Vegas Roadhouse Hotel & Casino......

They could always keep the Asian theme and call it the "Emperor's Palace" or "Imperial Pagoda" (Hey that would save some money on new signage since it's the same initials as the current name.).

People are trained to think that a letter I in front of something makes it cool thanks to a certain electronics manufacturer, so go ahead and call it I Vegas.

There's already an M and D, so might as well include an I.

Harvey's may not be completely unlikely...it's a brand they already own...it's pretty much a blank canvas, there's no theme, etc. to the Lake Tahoe property of the same name so they could really do anything they want, including, what seems like the current solution to re-themeing in LV these days, simply paint the few "Asian" decor elements and pretend they don't, really, exist.

Or, S8LV...that is if the Super 8 people would approve the room inventory at IP...


Honestly, given where it sits, they could do worse than The Linq Resort and Casino.

My money is on Horseshoe.

How about Stardust? Or Ceasar's Chicken and Waffles?

Bring over the Rendezvous name from Europe... Change those blue tower lights to red... Change the gold trim and tint on those mirrors by the elevators to silver, throw some new signage up and boom, new swanky hotel in the middle of the strip.

Plus the name makes sense as somewhere you can "rendezvous" with your friends on other parts of the strip.

Long Duck Dong's House of Pies?

The Inferior Phallus.

Won't be Horseshoe. I thought The Linq Hotel & Casino made sense, too, Stosh. And there wasn't a scarcity of ideas. Many of mine were brilliant. ")

Rendezvous is pretty cool too!

SRoeben, why do you suppose they are not gonna use Horseshoe? I initially thought they have slotted that name as being a notch below the Harrah's name, but otherwise I can't really understand why they would have ruled it out.

Engelstad's Springtime for Hitler Speakeasy

It's pretty clear that CET is positioning Horseshoe as a luxury brand, just below Caesars, judging from their Ohio property advertising. So that positioning doesn't fit IP. Could someday fit better on a remodeled Bally's, another dead-end brand.

I'm sure they can't use something like "Imperial Pagoda" without continuing to pay Boyd or getting sued by Boyd.

Linq isn't bad, at least gives that name some identity. But I still like Dr. Dave's suggestion of returning to the "Flamingo Capri" name best of all. And I'd love to see CET strengthen the Flamingo brand in and out of Vegas. I think it has potential, especially in a beach town like, say, Biloxi.

I'm in with some of the ideas here. From the peanut gallery theme going on, I'd go with Caesar's Jr Palace.. (CJP) or Caesar's Asian Palace.. we all seem to think they're with a lack of ideas right?

Naming it something to align with the Linq makes sense. Linq Resort Hotel and Casino? I guess it will do.. but only if they strip the IP like they are doing to O'Shea's.. that place needs a real redoing just as bad as the Sahara did.. even the front desk people are denying the $20 tip trick. It's like they think they're losing their jobs or something (which I highly doubt because I don't think they are at all going the way of the Sahara), I mean it's just a rebranding for God's sake!

But to bet, like the others, I do think they want to align brands and that makes the most sense unless we get some spectacular news that something amazing is going on. And that, imho, hasn't happened yet. Not even close.

Homer Jonior, they can call it Ho Jew
or Harrah's Junior - Hair Jew

The Palace?
Toby Kieth's I love this dank Casino

You'd be surprised how idiotic corporations can be with naming/renaming things. I have personal experience here. I helped launch Geek Squad for Best Buy. Later, I was recruited by Circuit City. They were playing major catch-up in the computer repair business.
Circuit City needed a name for their rebrand. They solicited ideas from the employees. When they didn't find what they wanted, they hired an outside consulting firm. They flew a bunch of us to Kansas City for a conference to announce... "Fire Dog". Seriously. Fire Dog. It was green. I'm sure you know how that ended.Thankfully, I was smart enough to get out of there before the collapse.

Honestly, I'm expecting the absolute worst name for what is/was the Imperial Palace. Maybe even worse than "The Linq".

Honestly I'm not surprised they can't come up with a name. I mean com'on- Linq?

I was going to agree with Horseshoe; but after looking up Rendezvous, I think that would more likely fit the image of what they are going for. Save Horseshoe for Bally's. Just please don't name it "Harvey's Las Vegas".

On my knees, begging...since Plaza blew their chance--
Biffs Pleasure Palace!
Pretty PLEEZE.

Based on MinVegas' suggestion, in all seriousness, I could see them calling it "I". Or if they want to be a little edgy, "i". Downtown's got The D. M is off to the south. "The Hotel," which if you think about it, is just as ridiculous, belongs to their biggest competitor. "LVH" continues the trend of meaningless initial names. And the Vegas "I" would, appropriately, be next to a structure which reminds many people of the London Eye.

Is "I" a ridiculous name? Sure. But that hasn't stopped a half dozen others with equally meaningless generic names.

(And if they want two letters, maybe to retain some brand recognition from the previous property, go the way of TI and call it "IP".)

Harvey's has a nice ring to it.



I second travisl. Follow Treasure Island and just call it "IP". Modernize the whole place without losing its namesake heritage. Keep the car collection please, it's one of the few reasons I ever went in the place. A Shelby museum ,(on the strip), would be even better!

Calling it "IP" is not an option unless you're Boyd Gaming, as that's who owns the various trademarks associated with the property. Harrah's/Caesars were licensed to use the Imperial Palace name and trademarks from Imperial Palace, LLC, which was purchased when Boyd bought Imperial Palace Of Mississippi, LLC.

I think they should cater to gay asian nudists and call it Tan Wang.

@sandyastrogl1de They could get George Takei to be their spokesman. OH MY.....

They'll wimp out imagination-wise and call it The Imperial.

Rendezvous sounds more like a club than a casino. I mean, it'd work, and Rendezvous Las Vegas has a nice ring to it, but when I showed up I'd be expecting a Cosmopolitan atmosphere, not a cheapest-property-at-center-Strip one. It'd take a LOT of paint to turn IP into "Rendezvous Las Vegas". It's also got that French "vibe" which would clash with Paris, already in their portfolio.

I've always thought Harvey's was the worst possible name for a property and Horseshoe a close second. Horseshoe sounds like it belongs downtown or in Reno, not center Strip.

Since they're trying to do it on a budget, I can totally see the suits at Caesars trying desperately to find a fun new name that has the same initials. I vote for the Impotent Panda Resort.

I say we bring back themes in a big way. Tie in a prominent feature of the parking garage with one of the greatest bands ever (TMBG) and call the place... FLOOD.

They could have Particle Man slots and a Blue Canary Party Pit. Throw in a Turkish Bath House for the spa and we have a winner.

Well considering the parking deck of the Imperial Palace is prone to flooding......

Call it The Intellectual Property. It's a snarky nod to the forced name change, they can still refer to it as "IP" if they want to, and the ad campaign can be "IP, the property for intellectuals."

I pee.....

The Panda Express Palace

V.I.P hotel and casino.

How about Swag. (Stolen without a gun) Like our money. Make it a mob themed shout out to old vegas. Tie in with the Mob Museum. Already has the old cars there. Have the waitresses dress in fedoras and little pinstripe dresses. I'd go there!

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