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VegasEats: Munchbar at Caesars Palace

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 15th June 2012 12:11pm
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Caesars Palace Munchbar Review

Tucked into the wall adjacent to the Pussycat Dolls Pleasure Pit at Caesars Palace is Munchbar, an eatery perched on lower branch of the burger bar craze of the last few years. Atmosphere is casual, the prices are competitive and it is the perfect place for those who want to grab a quick bite and get back to the tables or touristing.

Caesars Palace Munchbar Review
Caesars Palace Munchbar Review

With a hot date taking Linq construction photos on my horizon, I rolled into Munchbar seeking a power up and a refill of my hollow leg. The ample menu provided ample opportunity for both, with a decent selection of custom cocktail concoctions, non-craft beers (in 20oz and pitcher sizes) and a menu of staples, amped up to maximize your boozing.

Caesars Palace Munchbar Review

I sat alone, facing the bar, oogling menus and waitresses while trying to remember how my camera worked. My waitress Caterine was pleasant, direct and perfectly attentive to my needs without being omnipresent and overdoting. Within a minute a 20oz Blue Moon arrived, adorned with a giant orange slice which I squeezed and dumped into the glass. Breakfast. Mmmmm.

Caesars Palace Munchbar Review

After staring at the menu, I decided on the bacon cheese burger, medium rare. A short time later, it arrived. With fries!

Caesars Palace Munchbar Review

I sliced it open to see if they cooked it right.

Caesars Palace Munchbar Review

Yup... medium rare. Two patties dripping with juice. Mouthwatering. Tangy cheddar cheese. Smokey sweet BBQ sauce. Yum.

It tasted as great as it looks. Yeah, this is a burger, it isn't rocket science, but for $15 bucks they're promising to cook and season it perfectly. It was.

Caesars Palace Munchbar Review

The bill came to $25 plus tip. A little on the pricey side, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. Recommended.

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Comments & Discussion:

Does the Pussycat Pleasure Pit Munchbar have a muffaletta?

Hands down looks better than that Umami burger we got that was raw.

This is our sneaky spot. It is usually not crowded, you can get drinks, a quick meal with good food, oogle the pussy cat dolls dealers, and then get back to the action.

i may have to check this place out especially if they have the blue moon with the orange, that is no longer available here

Doesn't quite look like it dethrones the Jackie Burger.

Nice review, I have been waiting for someone to review this spot. Always have passed it by, but might have to give it a chance next trip. Isn't it Bradley Odgden's son's place?

...is that an add for a gun range next to the bill?

I meant to try Munchbar when I stayed at Caesars back in December, but when I needed a quick bite, I ended up hitting Central since I had to walk right past it on the way to/from the Augustus Tower (That bar is prefect to grab a to go drink before heading out.). I was going to eat there the day I got there, but opted instead to have a liquid lunch at Casa Fuente instead.....

I guess I'll throw Munchbar onto my list for October and if I don't hit it then, I'll try to in December.

The name may be misleading as it kind of sounds like a bar with just some snack food. That burger was quite a snack.

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