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Another Post About The ARIA Marquee!

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 14th June 2012 1:41pm
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ARIA marquee

ARIA is most definitely moving forward with their plans to build a gigantic marquee. Plans leaked to VT in the comments to our previous ARIA marquee post pinpoint the planned location of the pilings to the exact spot where the bulldozers are currently digging.

ARIA marquee

Hope they called 811.

ARIA marquee

The marquee will be built over the top of the walkway from Harmon/Cosmopolitan to 2nd floor entrance to Crystals, with pylons driven into the ground strip side as well as into what is currently a garden.

ARIA marquee

The Strip side pylon dig is barely 20 feet deep. One would assume that they'll have to go quite a bit down there to fortify a sign as tall and flat as this one, particularly with the wind.

ARIA marquee

The dig in the garden is exploratory at this point.... just poking around with a shovel to see where the irrigation hoses are.

When completed, the Marquee will look something remotely kinda like this, only with a proper finish and much much taller.

ARIA marquee

I can just see it now.... "ARIA is proud to welcome the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic 2021!"

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Comments & Discussion:

I still think JohnH did it better.

What? They not going to bring in the architects of Crystals to dead-end pedestrian traffic on the walkway?

Wouldn't they want to wait until they implode the Harmon first? That'd be just one more chance of something to get knocked over...

^I'm with skywise... they're so close! My little brain is confounded how they could tear down Harmon and not damage the marquee.

Makes me think that instead of implosion, the building will likely be dismantled floor by floor. Imploding Harmon has always seemed like a logistical nightmare, probably worse than any implosion the strip has seen.

Our wraparound at Cosmo last month had several long cracks in the ceiling running the entire length of the living room, from the bedroom door to just above the kitchen bar. We attributed it to the THUMP THUMP THUMP from 23 stories below, but I imagine we'd see lots of new cracks and maybe falling plaster if Harmon came shattering down to the ground.

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