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MGM Grand Lion Renovation is Hakkasan

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 13th June 2012 2:27pm
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Hakkasan at MGM Grand Map

The renovations to the exterior of the MGM Grand's ginormous lion sculpture are part of the renovation of Studio 54 as it becomes Hakkasan, an Asian inspired restaurant/nightlife concept managed by Angel Management Group. Think Tao, but less 2008.

The video linked above describes Hakkasan as "Shanghai chinois chic"... a nod to the French Concession in Shanghai which ended two years after the Flamingo opened, thereby opening the doors to further exploration by the French of Vietnam. No, don't expect bahn mi on the menu at Hakkasan. Instead, modern takes on Cantonese classics in a sexy atmosphere, that gradually turns into a party, then a nightclub. Yeah... that thing again.

Hakkasan at MGM Grand Map

So, they're knocking the wall out behind the lion, presumably to turn it into windows or outdoor seating or.... who knows what.

Hakkasan at MGM Grand Map

Additionally, the wall to the right of the bridge entrance from Tropicana is also being hollowed out... more windows... more balconies? Toss the former Lion Habitat into the mix and you've got a lot of square footage over there being reclaimed.

Hakkasan at MGM Grand Map Hakkasan at MGM Grand Map

This should be a pretty exciting place if they open it up to the outside... but then again, you have to look at Excalibur which isn't so exciting.

Hakkasan at MGM Grand Map

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm not a fan of the resto/nightclub concept, but I've always thought the Strip side entrance to MGM could use some energy. I'm excited to see the changes. One of my favorite quiet restaurants is KOI, in PH, I love sitting near the window and watching the fountains... Hakawhateva sounds like a lot more energy, but perhaps a nice place for a cocktail earlier in the evening.

If anyone is interested, New York food critics have been reviewing the outpost that just opened here in Manhattan. Not surprisingly, its getting shit on right and left. But in case you're curious, here's just one of many: http://goo.gl/qo5lj

Wow, that shit's expensive, even by Vegas standards. Funny, that review invokes the name "Vegas" as an insult. Good luck to the Lion. Sounds like they singed up a short-lived stinker.

From the look of those photos they seme to have some kind of cross-Lion balcony in mind.

The main issue with a resto/nightclub is that eating there could mean you are surrounded by douchebags who may use getting into the resturant as a way to sneak into the club. Also. won't the noise level be unbearable for diners?

I think its time for vegastripping to embrace the fact that nightclubs/ultra lounges aren't going away. Every time a new one opens we get some doom and gloom snarky comment from Chuck or someone else about how its just filled with douchebags and low lifes. Newflash those people are spending money elsewhere on the strip and in many cases probably filling up hotels or casinos that would otherwise not be as full.

While I don't go to these places myself, I am smart enough to realize this. A palce like Hakkasan is going to be MGMs answer to Tao, which depending on how you look at the numbers is the most profitable restaurant in the world....yes the world.

You can dine al fresco and have a good view of the lion's rear end!

My guess is this spot, will burn out pretty quickly after the initial 'new' feel wears off and the hot new club crowd abandons it. I do love the fact that they are opening up the property to the outside though.

Who would have thought that Margaritaville of all places would sort of kick off renovations that brought more strip facing options to these resorts. So even if the new club/restaurant doesn't do the booming business it needs to, we should expect to see it repurposed niceley down the line.

This isn't a knock on clubs, its just I don't see anything that says to me MGM or the group they are partnering with have the ability to create a club and keep it as a hot spot outside of the initial opening and 1st year.

What jonasjones said. When does Hackysack open?

TC - I read back my post and don't really see where I've done what you're accusing me of. Please don't put words in my mouth as it is currently full of my own feet.

When we were there a month ago, it seemed like they had most of the area where Rainforest Cafe, Centrifuge and Studio 54 were completely torn out and gutted up to the rafters... or maybe I am mistaken. Basically that entire corner looked like a gutted warehouse.

TC- Tao lost that crown when XS opened, and fell even further behind when Marquee did. The nightclub was the profit center, not the restaurant.

And just because nightclubs will be around for a while doesn't mean we can't make fun of them. And we're usually joking about the people in them, not their ability to fill hotel rooms and casinos.

On unrelated terms, I still have no idea why MGM still has the rainforest cafe. Knowing MGM, I would have thought that rainforest would have been the first place to go when the de-theming process started. I believe the Rainforest has been around since the place opened in 93'

"What is that, daddy?
All I can see is douchebags."
"Why it's haiku, son."

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