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Caption Caesar

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 8th June 2012 1:32pm
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Caption this Caesar.


Photo via @caesarspalace

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Comments & Discussion:

"F- you Murren!"

"I wonder what they're going to dress me up like when #VIMFP is in town"

"Over under on the number of meetings it took the Yo-Yo's in charge to decide this wouldn't tarnish Caesars Palace image. I say... five."

"all sorted for e's & wizz"

"We're cool and hip, no really, we are! Oh wait, you're not 21+ never mind."

[not a caption]
Am I the only one unhip enough to have no idea what that is in his left hand?

Really big swizzle stick? Stylish depth-finder? Blow dart gun?

[/not a caption]

Welcome EDC Douches!

"No resort fee = No Molly for you."

@Dave702 It's a light stick.

As for a caption:

They can put all of this crap on me but can't repaint the Paris balloon......

Seriously, are they trying to dress Caesar up as a raver? I'm so glad the dance scene is coming back, not for the music, but for the drugs. Thank you whoever got this shit going again. EUROPE I'm looking at you.

I'm wearing these headphones to muffle the screaming folks in the check-in line at the Bellagio....

I came, I saw, I got high as shit

The Line for the Bellagio's Check-in starts over there!

"Push me, and then just touch me, till I can get my, satisfaction"

"Wow, Caligula would have loved this..."

(assuming he's pointed kinda at City Center)

"Dude, I'm so fucking high I swear those buildings are falling down"

"fuck Obama!!!...sorry Steve wynn took over my brain for a sec...art thou ecstasy!"

"Why do they call it Caesars? Why not Caesar's? Or Caesars'? Or Cesars? Or Cesar's...." (Continues to ramble inanely while staring at lightstick and enduring an overdose on MDMA.)

Ravers! Come here to play overpriced blackjack with terrible rules!

The Strip est omnis divisa in partes tres...

"Experience is the teacher of all things. The weed helps get ideas flowing though." This is an actual quote, but usually we just see the first sentence...

"I feel pretty..oh so pretty. I feel pretty, and witty and gay!"


"This seems a viable, cost-effective marketing initiative which conveys a sense of currency and relevance while leveraging light-heartedness and social virality to create buzz and humanize the brand." Note: No matter what I try to type, that's all that keeps coming out.

A viable candidate to out seat the Owl as Insomniac's token mascot.

Ceasar...Thats Hot!
Yes Cupid,I see you approve.

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