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FAIL! The MGM Resorts Computer System Disaster Continues!

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 8th June 2012 12:50pm
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It appears that the failures we reported at ARIA weren't an isolated event. Computers at the front desks of the entire MGM network have been down for the last three days during what some would say might be the busiest weekend this side of the Superbowl.

The headaches endured yesterday are continuing today with reports of 500 person lines to check in/out at many of the MGM owned hotels in town.

Here is but a mere smidgen of a teeny weeny sample of tweets from disgruntled patrons who have wasted half of their day waiting in line to check into a hotel room.

Bellagio check in took 6 hours @tomthyme
This is the line to check in at Bellagio (pic) @danieldlugos
12 hour check in computers still down at Bellagio but nice room with view (pic) @MichaelElamMD
3 hour wait to check in (pic) @cnrmtgbkr
MGM server is down bitches haven't let us check in @xajaxx
Major fail at the MGM, COMPUTERS DOWN , been waiting to check in since noon, fn ridicoulous. @xojustbecausexo
Have moved 10 feet in an hour in thie check-in line at MGM Grand. Epic epic fail of planning for computer problems." @jzheel
Waiting to check in at MGM. Been here since 1. Computers are down and it's chaos. t.co/Sg8PdddU" @magicray
what do you call a hotel that can't check you in? #MGM @maxnegin
MGM Grand computers down and we can't check in. #outrage @tonybrunoshow
Ya en el lobby del MGM para #pacbradley un caos se fue el sistema en el hotel. Problemas para el check in @diegonews
First day for my internship with MGM Resorts International - check :) what an absolutely lovely first day!!! In love with the company :) - @kellicad

Sorry, couldn't resist.


Check-in line at Luxor is incredibly long. Clock starts now. Final time will be announced. @jslootbeek
Just got to the Luxor, Vegas style and now standing in a three hour line to check in. Are you kidding me!!!! @mayday101281
At the Luxor waiting to check in... The line is a mile long (seriously) because of a system crash. Crazy. @andreaiolson
Computer system down at #Luxor while we wait in a line through half the casino to check in... @missrerr
Waiting 4 hours to check in at #Excalibur Hotel in Vegas. Talk about jack asses for not telling guests to prepare for this wait! Assholes!!! @keast_d
3.5 hours and counting of sitting in the same spot waiting to check in at the hotel.... *LE SIGHHHHH #Excalibur @carolientrieu

Mandalay Bay

About 500 people in line to check in at Mandalay Bay. Computers have been down for a week.... #epicfail t.co/hbJPXuIR @irohbot
here is our lovely line to check in @ the Mandalay Bay Hotel @ vegas which sucks all because there computers are down t.co/3tNK0Vj9 rachelmccollom

And there are hundreds more for every MGM hotel including Foxwoods MGM Grand and MGM Grand Macau!

We urge you to help us get the word out to anyone you know who is going to Vegas this weekend and possibly staying at an MGM property to be aware of the nightmare they are walking into and make the proper preparations (eat before you get to the check in line and hydrate) or consider canceling your reservation and moving to a non-MGM property.

PS. They're still gonna stick you with the resort fee.

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Comments & Discussion:

The Mlife players club website is also down, not that it is worth visiting!

Sucks to be on both ends of this...

Cut the desk people some slack....but let to executives feel your wrath

"Our Booking Engine is currently in the process of being upgraded. Please call 888-MGM-DETR (888-646-3387) to make reservations".
Every property down.

How can this happen?
What is MGM Resorts doing to manage the crisis?
Where is Murren?
Why don't I see any reporting of this in the local media?

I guess they let the guys who do the mLife website get their hands on their reservation system.

This may be a good time for those with iPhones or Android devices to download the Hotel Tonight app, although with so many folks in town for EDC and the fight, it may be hard to find a room elsewhere.


Scumbag MGM:

Single roomres system for all resorts crashes the company

Mlife/hospitality still won't make offers across properties

I hear the new check-in system is called "Jim's Wait."

What an epic planning fail. You'd think launching in the slower days of July would've made more sense.

TC makes an excellent point, most guests are gonna take their frustrations out at the front desk who did absolutely nothing wrong. They're the ones stressing out while the higher-ups will try to think of a solution in the safety of their posh air-conditioned offices. God Bless Corporate America.

Seriously, why would MGM upgrade their new reservation system right before EDC. It's just like last fall when Virgin America switched to their new system right before Thanksgiving and everything that could go wrong did. It took them nearly 5 months to get everything straightened out.

Has there been word on ANY kind of compensation for the guests who have unwittingly put up with this nightmare?

odd that mgm foxwoods would have the issue.. i thought that was just a marketing share relationship. for example they don't use the mlife card there they use the card for foxwoods.

Awful. With wait times like that, waiving resort fees would be the bare minimum they could do.

Word on the street is they are out looking for a "fastload cartrige" to beef up the Commodore-64 they are using for this system.

This is what happens when you take the lions out of the MGM Grand-it's a curse.

I work night audit at an off-Strip property on Dean Martin, and we've actually had guests from Luxor come over trying to get a room to sleep in *while they were waiting to check in at Luxor*. This defies all logic, esp. on a busy weekend like this. I think MGM properties operate on Opera nowadays...when I had an interview at Bellagio the day after I moved out here in Feb., their front office manager told me (when I specifically asked) that when their computers crash, it's epic. No ill will, as this is frustrating for everyone involved, and not intentional on anyone's part.

@Geoff..wondering the same thing about MGM Grand at Foxwoods..its not like you can make reservations at MGM properties from there, or use your points from an MGM card..you can get MGM gift cards with Foxwoods points..

If you've noticed in the MGM Grand at Foxwoods casino, the bill breaking machines are identical to the ones on the floor at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas..bizzare..but I'm convinced they are the same devices..

Following the October 2007 Opera disaster: "Murren claims the issue is resolved and they are fully operational but that they intend to have a backup system put into place for the future."

I guess we're not in the future yet.

MGM's corporate brilliance shines once again... I pray this is 100% resolved before my birthday trip at Aria next Thursday!!

Looks like they cut into IT way too much or they outsourced to the cheapest bidder. It'd be interesting to see who's responsible in IT for this.

The 2007 disaster was a bug in Windows Server 2003; upgrading their reservation system to SP2 cured the problem.

This problem ... seems that they rolled out a new reservation system to all properties at once, probably based on corporate pressure. I'm sure there were some engineers saying "this is a dumb idea, we should roll it out at one property first" but then got browbeat by management into taking a risk on full deployment.

@LAvegasphile I'm in the same boat, scheduled to check in at the MGM Grand on Sunday the 17th. Good luck, I hope this is resolved quickly.

Any word on if they've fixed it yet? I can't find a single Las Vegas-based news outlet that reported the failure...must be a rough place to try to be a legit journalist.

Working in the tech industry in Vegas is a joke. There is NO accountability. MGM was down since Monday June 4. They are using Micros Opera - are they going to blame Micros for this like they did last time? Where is the accountability within IT? Becky the CIO and her team should be termianted for gross negligence and mismanagement. The Cosmopolitan goes down for a week late last year and Kris and her IT team are still there? Are you seeing the theme yet? No accountability and gross negligence in IT in Vegas hospitality. No excuse for it!!

@AndyA Here's two pieces from Las Vegas TV stations:



@vespajet Thanks!

No apologies from MGM about this? Cheesing off tens of thousands of people seems to be worth a mea culpa. Did the customers get some sort of comp (as in compensation)?

More importantly.....is it fixed yet? I am scheduled to check into the Mirage next Thursday......


somehow i missed the previous ones

just reinforces potential value of booking into something that lets you check in somewhere besides the main front desk

I was at ARIA yesterday and all seemed fine. Also, MGM sent around an apology press release to the local newspapers. Really useful.

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