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Caution: ARIA Check In Is A Disaster

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 7th June 2012 4:30pm
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For those heading to ARIA this weekend, for the Electric Daisy Carnival or otherwise, here, be forewarned that ARIA's check in situation today is a complete disaster area. VT reader creamsissle has been tweeting status reports from check in zone.

Apparently, an upgrade to the renovation system has caused a complete meltdown for the second day in a row. Currently the rope rodeo is snaking from the lobby all the way to the gate in front of BarMasa.

A similar computer meltdown has taken place at Cosmopolitan in the last 24 hours rendering the resort unable to accept credit cards - cash and room charges only.

Welcome to the Electric Daisy Clusterfuck - oontz, oontz, oontz - Clusclusclus. terfuck. fuck. oontz, oontz, oontz. Terfuck. Fuck. Ter fuhfuhfuhfuhfuhfuck.

Take it away Nick Hizzom!

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Comments & Discussion:

Every MGM property is like this for the past 2 days.

I stayed at Arira within a month of their grand opening - regardless of the "three free night" deals, I wouldn't go back and the check-in horror was the biggest reason. They clearly needed revenue immediately so they didn't care about the individual customer, just the quantity for the money. Worst check-in experience ever.

Pro tip...if you hold Gold and above, or come in via a comp or offer, request invited guest check in when you make the reservation. Will cut some of the bullshit.

Second note, anyone wondering what the fuck is going on exactly with these resorts and their computer systems. MGMs now, Cosmo's as well as their major snafu last year (3 days with no phone, cable, internet, ATMs etc) property wide. Maybe it's time to use dedicated lines as opposed to the all in one solutions that can bring down the whole ship?

Or maybe they should just start using Square. That's hipster, right?

After being told multiple times to return at 3 PM, we came back about 20 minutes prior and found the gigantic queues already assembled. When all was said and done, it took us 40 minutes to get through the invited guest line, and even this line grew longer as we waited. I shudder to think how long the regular line would have taken. I really think there could have been a better way than to have everyone return at the same time...especially if this is day 2+ of the outage. They were making front desk agents write down your name, address and credit card info by hand, then run to the back to get a room assignment from the manager(s). (Speaking of rooms, very kind of them to put us almost at the end of the hall. Not in a corner suite, mind you, but the room next door. MLife membership has its privileges...?)

@Insider: I did overhear comments to this effect, that other (and possibly all) MGM Resorts were operating using the same manual processes due to the upgrade glitch.

Exactly why I booked at Flamingo for Electric Daisy. Old School and not affiliated with the event. I.m praying check in is a breeze.

Checkin will be a shit show everywhere, one thing that's nice about the flamingo is they have a Total Rewards Members Check-in Line (even for gold members) that is often much shorter than their normal line

Ahh, the usual massive event hotel fustercluck.

Im all over that Total Rewards line at Flamingo. Folks are clueless about it. So many people miss it. This Ooonts head had his players cards all lined up for easy retrieval and check in.

The TR line and the Diamond Lounge booze.

I tried to get a bill from my Mandalay Bay stay and I was told (after 25 minutes on hold) that they can't get any folios out until Monday and that the systems are going to be down until then. Grrrrrr.

How in the world can they screw this up this bad? Any half idiot has back up plans in place. And why they insist on one major centralized system is beyond me. No isolation. No back up. No testing (my guess).

Their IT system with Mlife has been a major cluster for two years. Players club before that was just as bad. They waste millions of dollars in emplyee wages because systems are so slow. Just amazing how stupid they can be.

The problem is Opera... Complete meltdown apparently company wide.
This is not the first time either, when Bellagio switched to Opera they had a similar outage and they blamed it on HP's servers.

I was there that weekend. Here was my timeline.
3:00pm - Show up at Vdara, snake line in effect, word of mouth is computers are down.
3:01pm - Leave bags at bell desk, go drink.
2:01am - Arrive at empty Vdara front desk, BAL appx 1.8+, computers still down, check in " on paper ".
8:30am - Wake up in comped upgrade.
Fast Forward 4 days
4:30am - Check out at empty desk while crawling back in. Get boarding passes printed at same time.
10:30am - Walk past snake to head to airport.
No Fuss No Muss

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