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Wynn Esplanade Welcomes Chopard and Chloe

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 7th June 2012 2:26pm
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A quick update to the changes to the Wynn Esplanade we reported on back in March.

Chopard boutique Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn has leased out the former Jo Malone space to jeweler Chopard, whose designs has been carried right down the hall at Wynn & Co for as long as we can remember. The exterior design is exquisite... clean lines with a classic French boutique feel. The curtains contain what might very well be my favorite tassels in the entire Roger Thomas collection... they look like a vintage vibrator!

Chloe boutique Wynn Las Vegas

Additionally, the space formerly occupied by Black Satin, another a favorite of Elaine Wynn, is now Chloe fashion house. Chloe is currently scheduled to open on Labor Day weekend.

Big thanks to VT ultramega tipster JakeZ for the report.

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Comments & Discussion:

When I see something like Chopard at Wynn, it renews my optimism that things are still good there. Pure elegance!

Chuck I'm sure you've been in or at least walked by these high end boutiques since you live in LA (I live 3 hours from Miami and have been in numerous ones). Is it just me or is there NEVER ANYTHING IN THOSE STORES!? They're always blasting some god awful minimal techno music and have literally 3 racks of clothes with 2 pairs of pants and three shirts each on them. All in one size and all are at least $100 or more each. I made the mistake of almost buying a pair of "one of a kind" Chuck Taylors for $110 at the boutique on Miami Beach, only to drive over to Miami the next day and find those same shoes at a chain store for 1/3 of the price. Which makes me leary of whether or not any of this 'custom fashion house' clothing is even one of a kind.

While I was there last week, they closed down Ensemble at Encore. No word on what's replacing it.

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